Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Long Day. Being Sneaky is so tiring! :)


Hey Ho's.

What's up everyone? Today has been a long tiring day for me. First, I got up super early to go on a secret mission that I can't reveal on here. If you want to know that bad, you can email me. :) hehehe.

Then I came home and 2 hours later I had to go back out to rehab and work out. I was already super tired b/c I had to get up so early and I Hardly slept at all. So needless to say, rehab was a drag. I was so tired during it all I wanted to do was fall asleep.

Then after I got home, like 30 minutes later, I had to go back out AGAIN and eat dinner. Not that I'm complaining. You know how much I LOVE going out to eat. :) But I was so tired!

OH and last night I got an email saying that Neeko's Halloween costume was missing and that they couldn't ship it. So they put my money back on my card. I was so pissed! So I had to find a different one last night at like Midnight and order it and pay for 2 day air delivery! This one is cute too. Its a Frog Prince costume :) I hope it fits him.

Tomorrow is a day of REST. Except for the 5 minutes on the bike that I will attempt at some point :) Man I hope I sleep well tonight. I sure do need it!

Peace bitches!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

28 going on 78 - Why can't I stay awake!?


What's up Bitches!

Today was a pretty boring day. I had nothing to do, no where to go, no appointments to attend. And I even slept pretty decent last night. Well, I mean, I still woke up off and on a few times, but there was one long stretch of like 4 or 5 hours that I slept pretty well. So when I got up today, I felt pretty first.

Then like a few hours later I was falling asleep at the computer, AGAIN! I just don't get it. I hate this! I'm so tired of being tired all the time. I feel like an old lady with narcolepsy! It really is rather embarrassing! There is no reason why I am not able to go out and do things like I used to. IT sucks soo bad to tell my friends I have to cancel our plans b/c I am too tired and have to nap. It sucks big fat donkey balls, y'all.

I was actually so tired when I laid down last night, that I fell asleep in the middle of SNL. I had DVR' ed it on Saturday night and I was going to watch it last night while I was in bed. But i fell asleep in the middle of it! How horrible! I never do that! :-(

Oh well. Maybe if we all keep praying then maybe I will get the "call" and I will get my new lungs soon. I'm getting tired of all this bullshit.

On a positive note, I rode our new exercise bike tonight for the first time :) I did a lot better than I thought I'd do. I ended up riding it for 5 minutes. My O2 sats. didn't drop below 89 and that wasn't until right at the end. And I stayed on 5 liters the whole time. :)

Well I'm super bored. So I think I'm going to go draw a little bit. If anything interesting comes from it, I'll post it on here for everyone to see. :) hehe. Peace and chicken grease!

I'm Off like a prom dress!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

"What a lonesome web we weave, when we struggle just to breathe!"


Hey Y'all, What's up?!

Yes, Yes, I know it's been a few days since I've written. I really just didn't have much to say. I could have come on here and wrote a bunch of crap and bored you with my mindless chatter. But, I'd rather not lose the few readers that I have. :)

So, I'll summarize the last few boring days to show you that you didn't miss much in this OH-So-Exciting life of mine. Ready? Okay, cool!

On Thursday, it was a pretty boring day. No plans or appointments. Nothing to do, but sit around and do absolutely nothing. "Oh what a lonesome web we weave, when we struggle just to breathe!" Hahaha! How poetic! I just made that up as I was writing! I must really be tired! hahha! :)

Friday rolled around and as it rolled around, my breath rolled right out of my body! I woke up and was super out of breath. So much more that I didn't feel like going to Rehab and walking on the treadmill for 25 minutes. So I was naughty and I called and canceled, but I rationalized my behavior by the idea that it was O.K. to cancel rehab that day b/c we had just........

Gotten an exercise Bike!!!!!!! YES! :) So I TOLD myself that I would just ride the bike later in the afternoon when I was feeling better. Later came and went and I still didn't ride the bike. But that's okay. lol Oh well. At least the thought crossed my mind! :)

The bike is pretty nice. Instead of having one of those uncomfortable seats that sits up high, it has one of the seats that is a chair. A comfy padded chair seat. :) So that will make it a lot easier on my breathing when I ride it. The plan is to ride the bike on the days that I do not go to Rehab. And that way my legs will be in super shape by the time I get my transplant.

So that was what happened the last few days. Now for today. Today was a great day! I saw my oldest best friend in the whole world, Emily Long. We don't get to see each other that often b/c she lives 20 minutes away and has a super busy life between working full time, loving her boyfriend full time, and going back to school for her MBA part time.

She had called me last week and asked me if I wanted to go to the BBQ festival with her. And since I haven't been in 16 damn years, and we never get to hang out a lot, of course I said, "um YES!" :) I had planned on maybe waking up around 11:30 or so to take a shower and get ready. Well instead of waking up then, my step dad woke me up at 9:00 am by telling me that Mom had made egg and cheese sammiches. So needless to say, I practically RAN into the kitchen. Even as much as I LOVE to sleep, I will hardly ever turn down food if I like it. :) We didn't end up leaving for the festival until around 3pm.

Emily and I had a lot of fun though at the festival. Its always fun to look at a bunch of shit you want to buy and then not buy it. And there were a lot of cute doggies at the festival too. Most of the dogs were on leashes, but what I really wanted to do was put a leash on some of those kids!!!! Shit, some of the people! I swear, it's like when someone sees a wheelchair, they purposely walk right in front of it!

I ate at the new restaurant downtown that i have been wanting to try for a while. I had teriyaki chicken and it was sooo damn good. I ate until I was full! I bought a cute new bag and Duke handkerchief for Neeko. It is so cute! You just slide the collar into it and then put the collar on and it stays on :) All in all it was a great day. But I'm pooped!

DSC00467 (600x585)

Now I'm introducing a new feature of my blog called "Dear Asshole." It will contain letters that I write to random assholes. Letters that of course, Will never be sent. But that I write to express my anger or annoyance over their: stupidity, ignorance, poor morals, bad taste, arrogance, selfishness, lack of humanity and/or whatever else I deem appropriate to bitch about at any given time. Now for the first letter....

Dear Asshole,

You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a menace to our society. You stand there, with your cigarette hanging out of your mouth, and your stack of dirty cash in your hands. Smiling your crooked tooth grin, while you're greasy black hair blows in the wind.

I abhor the  inhumane treatment that you force upon this poor defenseless animal. You stand there so arrogant, counting your wad of cash with dollar signs in your eyes, while that tiny horse is forced to stand in that stall for hours upon hours. He barely has any room to stretch his legs. Do you not have a heart?

Little kids beg their tired mothers to pay a dollar to see the tiny victim. Do they not know what it is they are witnessing? Not only are you infecting their young lungs with 2nd hand smoke, but you are subjecting them to participate in this poor animals mistreatment.

How would you like it if the shoe were on the other foot? Life is a circle and Karma is a bitch. You should pray that you aren't reincarnated as the NEW World's Smallest Horse. Because if you were, rest assured there will be another asshole, just like YOU, promoting your pain and getting rich. And all the while, he'll be screaming,

"Dance puppet Dance!"

P.S.  World's Smallest Horse my ass! It is just a baby mini-horse! I want my dollar back asshole!

DSC00463 (640x406)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm so lonely...sooooo lonely...


Hey Y'all! I'm baaack.

I went to see Dr. Roy on Tuesday. Nothing really came of it, other than the face that I have to do a very annoying test here at home and bring the uhh..."sample" back to the office when i've done it. My stomach has stopped hurting though thank the Lord. *knock on wood* So that's a good thing.

Today I was supposed to go to Rehab, but when I woke, I had had another sleep episode. So, needless to say, I was way too tired to go work out.  So, I rested up and was able to at least go and eat dinner at the Pizza Place with Mom tonight. Our usual Wed. evening treat. Gotta love the free salad bar on Weds! Everyone and their mother seemed to be there.

Ohhh there was this really hot guy there. He had a shaved head and he was freakin' beautiful. And I mean beautiful in a totally hot masculine kind of way. The only bad thing about him was that he was wearing a Carolina sweatshirt. BOOOOO. But I'm willing to overlook small flaws such as that one :)

Jeez, I'm so lonely. I need someone to cuddle with. This is getting ridiculous. It's making me really miss Justin (the ex) something bad. Even though I know I can't be with him right now for obvious reasons. Sometimes I wish he was here to just give me one of his big hugs. *sigh*

Talk to y'all later! Be good. :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Queen of the Treadmill!


What's up my Bitches!!!

I have one question to ask you. WHO is the mothafuckin' queen of the got-dayum treadmill?? YES! Correct! Its I, Meghann, Queen of the Oxygen People! I went all KINDS of Chuck Norris on that treadmill today at rehab! When I got done with that treadmill, IT was the one huffin' and puffin', not ME!

Yes, that is right, my loyal followers. I achieved my personal best time on the treadmill today during Rehab. Well, my personal best in at least 10 years, I should say. :) But that is beside the point! Today, I, your Queen, walked not 10 mins, not 15, mins, not even 20 minutes! I walked 25 freakin' minutes without a break! And I didn't even have to turn my O2 up past 5 liters!

I am the Pimpstress of the Treadmill. So, mom took me to get KFC as a reward. But then i was disappointed, b/c I've realized that KFC isn't nearly as satisfying and yummy to me as it used to be before I got my gallbladder removed :-(

And on top of that, my tummy is still acting upset off and on. I made a Dr. appointment. I go tomorrow at 4pm. So hopefully Dr. Sudip Roy *rolls eyes* (i miss Dr. Long!) can fix me.

Aside from being excited about blowing the treadmill's back out lately, I'm still bummed that I haven't gotten THE CALL. And I'm not talking about a booty call y'all! :) I wish they would just call already, shhhheeeesh. This is getting ridiculous. But I know that I need to shut my piehole and quit whining b/c some people have been waiting for much longer. I KNOW. I waited for over 3 years the first time I was on the list. So I'm going to SHOOSH myself. :)

To sum all this up, I thought I would leave y'all with a picture that expresses my joy at smacking the treadmill up today :) ENJOY.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Babbling Bullshit

What's up Bitches.

I'm baaack. :) It has been a super boring weekend. I haven't gone anywhere or done anything, or any ONE hahaha j/k :) I've been sitting on my ass all weekend or laying around. Either on this damn computer or watching t.v. Jeez, I have no life, I swear! I can't wait to get these new lungs. Then I'm going to be gone! *poof* People are gonna be all like, "Where's Meghann?" and I'll be GONE. No more will Meghann be lying around the house bored as hell. She will be out, having fun, kicking ass and taking names. (not literally of course)

SNL last night was pretty funny. Sarah Palin was on there and she it was hilarious. Tonight my new favorite HBO show True Blood comes on and I'm really looking forward to that of course. Geez, it's sad when the highlight of your weekend becomes TV shows :-(

My step dad went on and ordered an exercise bike and I think it is supposed to be at the Sears store next week and ready to be picked up. My Mom has no idea that he ordered it yet though. I'm NOT looking forward to the shit fit she is going to have when she found out how much he put on the Sears charge card for it. Hhehehehe. :) I'm planning on using the bike on the days that I'm not at Rehab. To get some extra exercises and make sure my legs get as strong as possible. It was Mom's idea in the first place to get the bike. I just jumped on the bandwagon and made it speed along quicker :) Boy will she be surprised. HAHAAHHA.

We are supposed to be going to my cousin Gillian's daughter's birthday part at 3pm today at my Aunt Holly's house. But I'm too sleepy to attend. So my Mom is going to go without me. We got Remi the cutest dress for her birthday! She is going to look so cute in it. I love babies. Especially b/c they aren't MINE! :)

It's getting colder outside and that sucks donkey balls, man. I hate cold weather. HATE HATE HATE! Winter can bite me. And Fall is right before Winter so it can bite me too. SHIT I just remembered I forgot to order a Halloween costume for Neeko. Dammit. Leave it up to me. Well I really can't afford it right now anyways.

Okay this whole post has been nothing but babbling bullshit. I guess that's what happens when you have such an "exciting" life as mine. :)

Don't be a stranger.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Return of the "sleep epsidode trolls".

Hey Everyone.

Not much to write about today. Only that i had not one, but TWO sleep episodes today. :-( The first one was totally my fault. I woke up early around 8:30 am, b/c I went to be early last night for once. SO i was going to getup and eat something. So i took off my bipap and put on my oxygen. Bad idea. Instead of getting right up, i fell right back to sleep.

I woke up an hour and half later, having an episode. So then i put my bipap mask back on and went back to sleep. Well, i had ANOTHER episode. So i got up after that one and ate, took my pills, etc. Stayed up for a little while. Then around 4 or 5 i laid back down. I had to call rehab and cancel b/c I was so tired and out of it I couldn't go. I woke back up around 8pm and here i am.

What the hell people? This shit is getting ridiculous. I hope they call me soon with my new "blowers" (as Steve Feraku referred to them my new lungs as lol).

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Please Donate if you Can!

Hidey Ho, Heffas :)

How are my loyal followers today? Well I hope! There's not much for me to tell right now. Yesterday, Tuesday, was spent fully recovering from my round of rehab on Monday where my leg almost was murdered by the incline on the treadmill. It was sooo sore yesterday. But it's all better today. :) Yay!

So, today I had rehab also, but instead of the regular 3:30 pm time, I had to go earlier, at 2pm. Which normally would be no trouble, if someone had woken me up before 12:30pm. By the time I got out of bed and got dressed and took my pills and then ate something, It was time to leave. So i had to leave the house only like 15 minutes after I had woofed down all 9 of my bagel bites. So needless to say, half way through my 20 minute treadmill routine, my tummy started hurting and I started feeling a tad bit nauseous. But, I battled it out like a trooper and was able to go an extra minute. YAY! 21 minutes! I rock! :)

Last night before I went to bed, I checked my facebook and found out that my old friend Ann's Mom had passed away yesterday morning in her sleep. She had been suffering for a long time from COPD and was on oxygen full time. I am heartbroken for Ann. I know how much she loved her Mom. And I know her family is going through a very tough time right now. Her mom was a wonderful woman and I have fond memories of her as well. So please say a little prayer for her family tonight when you say your prayers!

Also, I have an online friend Rachael Wakfield that is very very sick right now with a rare lung disease. She lives in the UK and is desperately trying to raise money so that she can come to the states, to Duke Hospital and be evaluated for a lung transplant. Without a transplant, she will not survive. Each day is a struggle for her. If any of you reading want to contribute anything to her transplant fund, to help her get to America, please do. Every little bit counts!

Here's the link to the "Breathing is Life" website that Rachel founded, to help educate others on rare lung diseases. There is info on there about how to donate to her transplant fund. Please help if you can! :)

Breathing Is Life

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pagers, Pain, and Vampires, Oh my! :)

What's up y'all?

Today has been rather ...well its actually been a little bit exciting. Just a tad bit, so far. I got my pager from the transplant team!! :) Yay! It's small and really cute. I mean, if I had my choice, I would have asked for a PINK one, but you know. Beggars can't be choosers :) Hehe.

There was a mishap today in Rehab. I was walking on the treadmill and I was going to go for 22 minutes today. So i was walking along, doing fine, and then like 5 or 6 minutes into it, my knee and hip started to hurt. Sometimes they start to hurt closer to the end, just from being tired and stuff. But this was different. It was only like 6 minutes into it and it was hurting! So I kept going but it just kept getting worse and worse. Finally I had to stop and lay down b/c my knee/hip was throbbing so bad. This was the bad knee/hip that i had surgery on in 05 and have 7 pins and a plate in the knee and a pin in the hip. Usually the treadmill doesn't bother it like that.

So I laid down and my therapist and I were trying to figure out why i was hurting so bad and we looked over at the treadmill..and...we realized that she had forgotten to lower the treadmill down flat! I had been walking with a 3 inch incline the whole time!! I never walk with any incline what' so ever! no wonder my leg was killing me! So now I'm home and still sore. I wish I didn't have a problem with CO2 retention so I could take a vicadin!

On a different note, True Blood last night on HBO was great! Bill and Sookie finally did the damn thing! AND she let him bite her. awesome. It just keeps getting better and better. I think I'm going to read the books that the show is based on. :)

Gotta go for now. I'll holla later!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What's up my bitches! :)

Today has been an okay day I guess. Why, you ask? Well I shall tell you. :) Well first of all, No sleep episode!! yay!! Second of all, I went and spent some money on myself which I haven't done in a really long time. (thank god for discover card). I bought the bag I'm going to use for my "transplant bag."

What is a transplant bag, you ask? Well, it's the bag I'm going to pack all my shit in to take to the hospital. I'm going to pack it, or start packing it tomorrow. SO that when i get THE CALL, all I have to worry about is grabbing that bag and making that trip to the hospital. Sounds simple enough, right? I also bought a hanging organizer in the same Vera Bradley pattern, and a new pocketbook in the same pattern. :) Like I said, i treated myself. It has been so long since i bought new Vera Bradley! :) I won't tell you the total cost!! So anyway, that was very exciting.

Also, today, I talked to friend that I hadn't talked to in a while, Emily Long. My long time best friend from middle school. We also went to UNCG together and roomed together for a while. So I guess you could say she is one of my oldest and closest friends. We were like sisters. We just don't see each other that much anymore. She lives in Winston Salem and I live in Lexington. She is a busy bee. She has a real life and I'm struggling to get one. :) She is back in school AGAIN. Now she is getting her MBA at Wake forest, and working full time. Plus she has a wonderful boyfriend that she spends time with when she's not working or studying or going to class. So of course we don't really get to see each other that often. But, i called her today to tell her of my good news of being #1 on the list. She has been with me through it all, from the beginning. She was the only friend that was allowed back in ICU to see me when I was at my sickest with my initial staph pneumonia when I was 12. I think my illness was hard for both of us. Because we were so young, and it was so unexpected. I know she was hurting too. But she was there for me when I needed her to be. She'll always be my best friend. *awww*

I finished Tiffany Christensen's book, Sick Girl Speaks last night around 3 am before I went to sleep. It was a great book and I highly recommend it to any and everyone! Especially those that are going through or have GONE through a chronic and/or terminal illness. It's very inspiring. She's a great writer and great person and I'm thankful that she is such a survivor and that she has been able to use her experiences with CF and Transplant to educate us all. I'm looking forward to getting to know her better through my transplant journey. She's already helped me, as well as all my other new transplant friends that I've met online. It really helps to know I'm not alone!

On a bad note, my stomach has been so upset tonight. I had McDonald's for dinner. MISTAKE. Oh well, something had to go wrong, right? *rolls eyes* I'm signing off for the night.

Peace and chicken grease!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Friday, October 10, 2008


What's up y'all.

Yeah yeah i know. It's been a few days. SUE ME. I just haven't had much to blog about lately. And for 2 days in a row now I've woken up from sleep episodes! YAY my favorite! *rolls eyes* I'm getting so damn tired of these fuckin' things, I swear! How much longer will this waiting last? I mean I realize compared to the first time I was on the transplant list, a little over 2 months is nothing compared to over 3 YEARS. But I wasn't having all these sleep episodes and other things going on then, like I am now. It's getting very frustrating. :-(

Rehab has been going well. Although today I cancelled b/c of the sleep episode. I am just too tired to go. As a matter of fact, after I'm done typing here, I will be laying back down and going back to sleepy land.

Last night I DVR'ed like 20 programs. So, when I wake up later today, I should have more than enough T.V. to occupy me for the rest of the night. That is, if I don't end up going to the movies with Jonathan. *sigh* Okay I guess I'm done blogging for now.

Y'all be good and don't do anything I wouldn't do. :) HEHEHE :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

IUD's. PPSSHH! Who needs 'em !

What's up my loyal followers. :)

I was going to post yesterday but I forgot. I was super super tired. Anywho's...Today has been pretty laid back so far. But I did go to the doctor today. I had an appointment with my OBGYN to get me IUD removed. The doctor in Chapel Hill told me the last time I was there that it had to be removed before transplant b/c it is a infection risk. Yeah yeah yeah. Everything is a damn risk for infection with transplant. GRRR.

So since I found out that I'm #1 on the list, I went on and made an appointment for as soon as possible to get it removed. B/c the last thing I wanted was to get called for my transplant and have to go up there and have some random dude resident have to remove it for me before they prep me for surgery. That would have sucked!

So I called them on Friday and they worked me in for today to get it removed. Great? No. I get over there to the office and guess what! MY doctor isn't there today. GREAT. So I end up having to have a MAN doctor do it. OH GOD. I have NEVER had a male gyno, EVER. I was freaking out! But I told myself to stop acting like a little pussy bitch and get over it. Lots of women go to male OBGYN's. So i told myself to calm down and I did.

It all went really fast. It did hurt when he pulled it out but it only lasted for a second. It was like a severe cramping sensation. Come to find out, he was the same doctor that delivered me all those years ago. :) haha. Irony, gotta love it.

Needless to say, I'm pretty relieved that it is all over now. And now it's out and that is one less thing I have to worry about before the transplant. YIPPEEE. Now, if only they will just call me!! Tonight I have plans to just hang out at Julie's house and have some much needed girl time.

Until next time.....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Busy Busy Bee!

What's up my bitches!

This weekend has been super busy. And I'm tireder than a whore at a whorehouse! I think i will get good rest tonight when i sleep. Or at least I hope so! *crosses her fingers and prays for a "sleep episode " free night*.

So, yesterday (Saturday) I had to be at my aunt's house around 3pm. After i woke up, I fell back asleep and didn't wake up again until around 2. Well, my brother was supposed to take me, and he was at practice and was supposed to be home around 2 pm. He wasn't there yet. I got up and had to rush around to shower and get ready and take my pills and eat something. The usual morning routine. He didn't even get to the house until 3pm. So we had to rush b/c we were running late. Then we had to stop for gas, and then we were finally there around 3:30.

It was good to see all the family and socialize and the birthday cake was YUMMY. Of course, why wouldn't it be, it was from the bakery!!! :) I had talked to Jennifer (she was in town) earlier and she told me she wanted to go to dinner at Don Juan's, so I said I'd call her when i got home. I figured I'd have time to rest for a little while and we'd go eat around 6 or 7, right? WRONG.

I got home around 5:00 pm and I called her cell. She said they had just left their house and were on their way to Don Juan's. So I had to hurry up and fill up my O2 tank again and they came and picked me up. We had a great dinner though and I got to meet her boyfriend Charles, who was really nice. I approve :) It was great seeing her again, it had been almost a year i think since we'd seen each other. She moved to Charlotte. :-(

Our class reunion was supposed to be this weekend, but of course, my class couldn't do anything the right way. It was very unorganized and the class officer didn't even try to help. so that left like 2 girls trying to do everything on their own. And they didn't have every one's addresses and numbers and stuff, so there were no invitations sent out. It was all word of mouth via Myspace and Facebook. I felt bad for them because they tried so hard to make everything work. All that was planned was the football game. I don't know what they did afterwards or how many people went. I was going to try and go, but then someone reminded me that it was going to be colder out and the last thing I need to do is sit out in the cold at a football game and end up getting sick before my transplant. None of my friends came anyway b/c there weren't any concrete plans made for it. So they weren't going to drive all the way home for something that may or may not take place. Which i don't blame them.

Today, I went to my friend Emily Leonard's baby shower. She is having another boy and is due on October 26th. I just got home a little while ago. I'm still wearing my dress I wore. I had mom take a picture of me in it, since i was making an effort to look cute. Which is rare these days. hahaha :) The picture is up at the top left of this post. I think that dress swallowed my boobs!

Tonight is good HBO night. True Blood comes on and then 2 other funny shows. Yay, i love my DVR!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Who's Numero Uno, it's ME, it's ME! :)

What's up!!! :)

I have GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!! I finally heard back from my coordinator today by email. He said that YES the girl ahead of me on the list, DID have her transplant which means:

I'M #1 on the LIST NOW!!!!!!!!!!! *doing the happy dance*

I'm so damn psyched!!!! But, at the same time, I'm now super nervous. Right after I found out, I had to leave to go to Rehab. I was feeling nervous as hell and a little nauseous. I'm surprised I made it through rehab without puking my Bojangles bacon, egg & cheese biscuit all over the treadmill.

Mom made me get up at 11am this morning, so that I could accompany her shopping to get a baby gift for my friend for her shower on Sunday and a gift for my cousin's birthday tomorrow. Which I didn't mind that she wanted me to go. That wasn't the problem. The problem was that she knows I don't sleep well at night. And that with me getting up that early would be a little harder on me, but yet she STILL chose to walk back and forth through the hall all damn morning, yapping on the phone loud as hell. Back and forth past my room door. And let me tell you. When my mom walks, she is very and i mean VERY heavy on her feet. I guess it's because she is so tall. But it sounds like a bull is running down the hall.

So imagine me, trying to sleep early in the morning b/c I know I have to get up earlier than usual but I kept getting woken up b/c a loud heckling, yapping, bull is running up and down the hallway all damn morning. Could you have slept? I seriously doubt it.

So needless to say, I'm pooped. After getting up early, shopping for a couple hours, then coming home and then leaving right back out to go to rehab, going through rehab and coming back home. I'm exhausted. I think I'm going to lay down for a bit. I'll probably write more tomorrow.

I'm off like a prom dress!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Screaming Baby Act of 2008

What's my bitches.

I meant to post before I went sleepies last night but I forgot. Sue me!

Well I had rehab yesterday. It went pretty well I guess. I feel like my muscles are getting stronger and stuff. Oh and by the way, here's a little tip for y'all. Do NOT sign your parents up on Facebook. I made the grievous mistake of helping my Mom get her account going on Facebook. And now she is leaving me comments about my status posts. *rolling eyes* Not good!

After rehab I was able to talk Mom into taking me out for an early dinner at the Pizza Place. A little family restuarunt near my house that we've gone to ever since I was a tiny tot. Every Wed. they have a free trip to the salad bar with every meal! Sweet! So we both got free salads with our meals. I ordered a 7 inch cheese pizza, which is basically the equivalent to a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza. It was tasty. Mom and I decided that we were going to go there for dinner every Wed. after rehab was over. YAY!

Although dinner was a tasty treat, there was this lady that was in there with her 2 kids. One was a little girl around 4 years old, and the other was a baby. People, I think there should be a law about bringing infants to restuarants. That child was screaming the whole time we were there. Not just crying, but ear peircing shrieking screams. And "Tyler" (i heard the mom call the little crumbsnatcher by name) kept turnign around in his high chair, staring at me. If he only knew I was wishing I had some ducttape at that moment. I would have gladly gotten up and walked over and slapped a piece of tape across his little mouth. Seriously. Kids that young shouldnt be allowed in restuarants for that exact reason. It is enough to ruin someone's meal! (luckily, due to my greedy hungry belly, virtually nothing could ruin a meal for me.)

Oh! And when we got home, my copy of Tiffany's book Sick Girl Speaks had come in the mail! YAY! She was even nice enough to sign it for me! I can't believe I won the contest and got the book for free. (Even though it WAS a 3 way tie, it still counts as a win for me, right?) Thanks bunches Tiffany!! :)

Rant Alert!!
Something that is REALLY pissing me off is someone on the transplant team who is never around when I need him. He has YET to meet me in person, but yet he is SUPPOSED to be my "go to guy" when I have questions or help. Well I have some questions dammit! I emailed him and he hasn't emailed me back. It's been 2 days!! And to top that off, he randomly left for like 2 weeks and didn't bother to tell any of his patients! He supposedly just got back on Monday. He didn't even bother to tell us he would be gone and refer us to someone else if we needed something! I mean maybe I am overreacting, but I feel its important to be able to get in touch with him when I have questions or concerns. That is his job! I can't stand it when people don't want to do their jobs!

Also, I heard back from my doctor yesterday. She got the results of my sleep study I had done last wednesday. Nothing conclusive. Which i KNEW, b/c I couldnt fall asleep forever and when i finally DID fall asleep I kept waking up off and on all night! DAMMIT! They probably think I'm making up these "Sleep episodes" but I swear they are real! :-( I guess I'm destined to suffer forever. :-( They changed my bipap settings a little bit, so someone from Lincare came out today and switched them to the new settings. It probably wont make any difference. It's like the 3rd time they've changed them. *rolls eyes* Dr. Metjian also said she is referring me to a sleep specialist, so I said, "okay whatever." I mean what is he going to be able to do..he doesn't know about my lung problem. Oh well, it's not like it could get any worse. ~

On a happier note, I'm REALLY enjoying my new DVR. :) Its freakin' awesome!! Last night, I recorded 90210 and something else I cant remember. But, I plan on watching them today or tonight when I lay down to go to sleep. :)