Thursday, October 2, 2008

Screaming Baby Act of 2008

What's my bitches.

I meant to post before I went sleepies last night but I forgot. Sue me!

Well I had rehab yesterday. It went pretty well I guess. I feel like my muscles are getting stronger and stuff. Oh and by the way, here's a little tip for y'all. Do NOT sign your parents up on Facebook. I made the grievous mistake of helping my Mom get her account going on Facebook. And now she is leaving me comments about my status posts. *rolling eyes* Not good!

After rehab I was able to talk Mom into taking me out for an early dinner at the Pizza Place. A little family restuarunt near my house that we've gone to ever since I was a tiny tot. Every Wed. they have a free trip to the salad bar with every meal! Sweet! So we both got free salads with our meals. I ordered a 7 inch cheese pizza, which is basically the equivalent to a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza. It was tasty. Mom and I decided that we were going to go there for dinner every Wed. after rehab was over. YAY!

Although dinner was a tasty treat, there was this lady that was in there with her 2 kids. One was a little girl around 4 years old, and the other was a baby. People, I think there should be a law about bringing infants to restuarants. That child was screaming the whole time we were there. Not just crying, but ear peircing shrieking screams. And "Tyler" (i heard the mom call the little crumbsnatcher by name) kept turnign around in his high chair, staring at me. If he only knew I was wishing I had some ducttape at that moment. I would have gladly gotten up and walked over and slapped a piece of tape across his little mouth. Seriously. Kids that young shouldnt be allowed in restuarants for that exact reason. It is enough to ruin someone's meal! (luckily, due to my greedy hungry belly, virtually nothing could ruin a meal for me.)

Oh! And when we got home, my copy of Tiffany's book Sick Girl Speaks had come in the mail! YAY! She was even nice enough to sign it for me! I can't believe I won the contest and got the book for free. (Even though it WAS a 3 way tie, it still counts as a win for me, right?) Thanks bunches Tiffany!! :)

Rant Alert!!
Something that is REALLY pissing me off is someone on the transplant team who is never around when I need him. He has YET to meet me in person, but yet he is SUPPOSED to be my "go to guy" when I have questions or help. Well I have some questions dammit! I emailed him and he hasn't emailed me back. It's been 2 days!! And to top that off, he randomly left for like 2 weeks and didn't bother to tell any of his patients! He supposedly just got back on Monday. He didn't even bother to tell us he would be gone and refer us to someone else if we needed something! I mean maybe I am overreacting, but I feel its important to be able to get in touch with him when I have questions or concerns. That is his job! I can't stand it when people don't want to do their jobs!

Also, I heard back from my doctor yesterday. She got the results of my sleep study I had done last wednesday. Nothing conclusive. Which i KNEW, b/c I couldnt fall asleep forever and when i finally DID fall asleep I kept waking up off and on all night! DAMMIT! They probably think I'm making up these "Sleep episodes" but I swear they are real! :-( I guess I'm destined to suffer forever. :-( They changed my bipap settings a little bit, so someone from Lincare came out today and switched them to the new settings. It probably wont make any difference. It's like the 3rd time they've changed them. *rolls eyes* Dr. Metjian also said she is referring me to a sleep specialist, so I said, "okay whatever." I mean what is he going to be able to do..he doesn't know about my lung problem. Oh well, it's not like it could get any worse. ~

On a happier note, I'm REALLY enjoying my new DVR. :) Its freakin' awesome!! Last night, I recorded 90210 and something else I cant remember. But, I plan on watching them today or tonight when I lay down to go to sleep. :)

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