Saturday, October 25, 2008

"What a lonesome web we weave, when we struggle just to breathe!"


Hey Y'all, What's up?!

Yes, Yes, I know it's been a few days since I've written. I really just didn't have much to say. I could have come on here and wrote a bunch of crap and bored you with my mindless chatter. But, I'd rather not lose the few readers that I have. :)

So, I'll summarize the last few boring days to show you that you didn't miss much in this OH-So-Exciting life of mine. Ready? Okay, cool!

On Thursday, it was a pretty boring day. No plans or appointments. Nothing to do, but sit around and do absolutely nothing. "Oh what a lonesome web we weave, when we struggle just to breathe!" Hahaha! How poetic! I just made that up as I was writing! I must really be tired! hahha! :)

Friday rolled around and as it rolled around, my breath rolled right out of my body! I woke up and was super out of breath. So much more that I didn't feel like going to Rehab and walking on the treadmill for 25 minutes. So I was naughty and I called and canceled, but I rationalized my behavior by the idea that it was O.K. to cancel rehab that day b/c we had just........

Gotten an exercise Bike!!!!!!! YES! :) So I TOLD myself that I would just ride the bike later in the afternoon when I was feeling better. Later came and went and I still didn't ride the bike. But that's okay. lol Oh well. At least the thought crossed my mind! :)

The bike is pretty nice. Instead of having one of those uncomfortable seats that sits up high, it has one of the seats that is a chair. A comfy padded chair seat. :) So that will make it a lot easier on my breathing when I ride it. The plan is to ride the bike on the days that I do not go to Rehab. And that way my legs will be in super shape by the time I get my transplant.

So that was what happened the last few days. Now for today. Today was a great day! I saw my oldest best friend in the whole world, Emily Long. We don't get to see each other that often b/c she lives 20 minutes away and has a super busy life between working full time, loving her boyfriend full time, and going back to school for her MBA part time.

She had called me last week and asked me if I wanted to go to the BBQ festival with her. And since I haven't been in 16 damn years, and we never get to hang out a lot, of course I said, "um YES!" :) I had planned on maybe waking up around 11:30 or so to take a shower and get ready. Well instead of waking up then, my step dad woke me up at 9:00 am by telling me that Mom had made egg and cheese sammiches. So needless to say, I practically RAN into the kitchen. Even as much as I LOVE to sleep, I will hardly ever turn down food if I like it. :) We didn't end up leaving for the festival until around 3pm.

Emily and I had a lot of fun though at the festival. Its always fun to look at a bunch of shit you want to buy and then not buy it. And there were a lot of cute doggies at the festival too. Most of the dogs were on leashes, but what I really wanted to do was put a leash on some of those kids!!!! Shit, some of the people! I swear, it's like when someone sees a wheelchair, they purposely walk right in front of it!

I ate at the new restaurant downtown that i have been wanting to try for a while. I had teriyaki chicken and it was sooo damn good. I ate until I was full! I bought a cute new bag and Duke handkerchief for Neeko. It is so cute! You just slide the collar into it and then put the collar on and it stays on :) All in all it was a great day. But I'm pooped!

DSC00467 (600x585)

Now I'm introducing a new feature of my blog called "Dear Asshole." It will contain letters that I write to random assholes. Letters that of course, Will never be sent. But that I write to express my anger or annoyance over their: stupidity, ignorance, poor morals, bad taste, arrogance, selfishness, lack of humanity and/or whatever else I deem appropriate to bitch about at any given time. Now for the first letter....

Dear Asshole,

You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a menace to our society. You stand there, with your cigarette hanging out of your mouth, and your stack of dirty cash in your hands. Smiling your crooked tooth grin, while you're greasy black hair blows in the wind.

I abhor the  inhumane treatment that you force upon this poor defenseless animal. You stand there so arrogant, counting your wad of cash with dollar signs in your eyes, while that tiny horse is forced to stand in that stall for hours upon hours. He barely has any room to stretch his legs. Do you not have a heart?

Little kids beg their tired mothers to pay a dollar to see the tiny victim. Do they not know what it is they are witnessing? Not only are you infecting their young lungs with 2nd hand smoke, but you are subjecting them to participate in this poor animals mistreatment.

How would you like it if the shoe were on the other foot? Life is a circle and Karma is a bitch. You should pray that you aren't reincarnated as the NEW World's Smallest Horse. Because if you were, rest assured there will be another asshole, just like YOU, promoting your pain and getting rich. And all the while, he'll be screaming,

"Dance puppet Dance!"

P.S.  World's Smallest Horse my ass! It is just a baby mini-horse! I want my dollar back asshole!

DSC00463 (640x406)

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