Sunday, October 5, 2008

Busy Busy Bee!

What's up my bitches!

This weekend has been super busy. And I'm tireder than a whore at a whorehouse! I think i will get good rest tonight when i sleep. Or at least I hope so! *crosses her fingers and prays for a "sleep episode " free night*.

So, yesterday (Saturday) I had to be at my aunt's house around 3pm. After i woke up, I fell back asleep and didn't wake up again until around 2. Well, my brother was supposed to take me, and he was at practice and was supposed to be home around 2 pm. He wasn't there yet. I got up and had to rush around to shower and get ready and take my pills and eat something. The usual morning routine. He didn't even get to the house until 3pm. So we had to rush b/c we were running late. Then we had to stop for gas, and then we were finally there around 3:30.

It was good to see all the family and socialize and the birthday cake was YUMMY. Of course, why wouldn't it be, it was from the bakery!!! :) I had talked to Jennifer (she was in town) earlier and she told me she wanted to go to dinner at Don Juan's, so I said I'd call her when i got home. I figured I'd have time to rest for a little while and we'd go eat around 6 or 7, right? WRONG.

I got home around 5:00 pm and I called her cell. She said they had just left their house and were on their way to Don Juan's. So I had to hurry up and fill up my O2 tank again and they came and picked me up. We had a great dinner though and I got to meet her boyfriend Charles, who was really nice. I approve :) It was great seeing her again, it had been almost a year i think since we'd seen each other. She moved to Charlotte. :-(

Our class reunion was supposed to be this weekend, but of course, my class couldn't do anything the right way. It was very unorganized and the class officer didn't even try to help. so that left like 2 girls trying to do everything on their own. And they didn't have every one's addresses and numbers and stuff, so there were no invitations sent out. It was all word of mouth via Myspace and Facebook. I felt bad for them because they tried so hard to make everything work. All that was planned was the football game. I don't know what they did afterwards or how many people went. I was going to try and go, but then someone reminded me that it was going to be colder out and the last thing I need to do is sit out in the cold at a football game and end up getting sick before my transplant. None of my friends came anyway b/c there weren't any concrete plans made for it. So they weren't going to drive all the way home for something that may or may not take place. Which i don't blame them.

Today, I went to my friend Emily Leonard's baby shower. She is having another boy and is due on October 26th. I just got home a little while ago. I'm still wearing my dress I wore. I had mom take a picture of me in it, since i was making an effort to look cute. Which is rare these days. hahaha :) The picture is up at the top left of this post. I think that dress swallowed my boobs!

Tonight is good HBO night. True Blood comes on and then 2 other funny shows. Yay, i love my DVR!!

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environmental fiend said...

Hey girl, Sounds like you had a good weekend even if it was busy!

Take care and talk to you soon.