Tuesday, October 7, 2008

IUD's. PPSSHH! Who needs 'em !

What's up my loyal followers. :)

I was going to post yesterday but I forgot. I was super super tired. Anywho's...Today has been pretty laid back so far. But I did go to the doctor today. I had an appointment with my OBGYN to get me IUD removed. The doctor in Chapel Hill told me the last time I was there that it had to be removed before transplant b/c it is a infection risk. Yeah yeah yeah. Everything is a damn risk for infection with transplant. GRRR.

So since I found out that I'm #1 on the list, I went on and made an appointment for as soon as possible to get it removed. B/c the last thing I wanted was to get called for my transplant and have to go up there and have some random dude resident have to remove it for me before they prep me for surgery. That would have sucked!

So I called them on Friday and they worked me in for today to get it removed. Great? No. I get over there to the office and guess what! MY doctor isn't there today. GREAT. So I end up having to have a MAN doctor do it. OH GOD. I have NEVER had a male gyno, EVER. I was freaking out! But I told myself to stop acting like a little pussy bitch and get over it. Lots of women go to male OBGYN's. So i told myself to calm down and I did.

It all went really fast. It did hurt when he pulled it out but it only lasted for a second. It was like a severe cramping sensation. Come to find out, he was the same doctor that delivered me all those years ago. :) haha. Irony, gotta love it.

Needless to say, I'm pretty relieved that it is all over now. And now it's out and that is one less thing I have to worry about before the transplant. YIPPEEE. Now, if only they will just call me!! Tonight I have plans to just hang out at Julie's house and have some much needed girl time.

Until next time.....

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