Sunday, October 19, 2008

Babbling Bullshit

What's up Bitches.

I'm baaack. :) It has been a super boring weekend. I haven't gone anywhere or done anything, or any ONE hahaha j/k :) I've been sitting on my ass all weekend or laying around. Either on this damn computer or watching t.v. Jeez, I have no life, I swear! I can't wait to get these new lungs. Then I'm going to be gone! *poof* People are gonna be all like, "Where's Meghann?" and I'll be GONE. No more will Meghann be lying around the house bored as hell. She will be out, having fun, kicking ass and taking names. (not literally of course)

SNL last night was pretty funny. Sarah Palin was on there and she it was hilarious. Tonight my new favorite HBO show True Blood comes on and I'm really looking forward to that of course. Geez, it's sad when the highlight of your weekend becomes TV shows :-(

My step dad went on and ordered an exercise bike and I think it is supposed to be at the Sears store next week and ready to be picked up. My Mom has no idea that he ordered it yet though. I'm NOT looking forward to the shit fit she is going to have when she found out how much he put on the Sears charge card for it. Hhehehehe. :) I'm planning on using the bike on the days that I'm not at Rehab. To get some extra exercises and make sure my legs get as strong as possible. It was Mom's idea in the first place to get the bike. I just jumped on the bandwagon and made it speed along quicker :) Boy will she be surprised. HAHAAHHA.

We are supposed to be going to my cousin Gillian's daughter's birthday part at 3pm today at my Aunt Holly's house. But I'm too sleepy to attend. So my Mom is going to go without me. We got Remi the cutest dress for her birthday! She is going to look so cute in it. I love babies. Especially b/c they aren't MINE! :)

It's getting colder outside and that sucks donkey balls, man. I hate cold weather. HATE HATE HATE! Winter can bite me. And Fall is right before Winter so it can bite me too. SHIT I just remembered I forgot to order a Halloween costume for Neeko. Dammit. Leave it up to me. Well I really can't afford it right now anyways.

Okay this whole post has been nothing but babbling bullshit. I guess that's what happens when you have such an "exciting" life as mine. :)

Don't be a stranger.

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