Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fuckin' Shit, Man! Such is my life...

What's up y'all.

So, Thursday I went back to Chapel Thrill and had my repeat bronch to check to make sure there was no rejection. After the bronch, Dr. Nueringer told me that my upper airways were inflamed and that I had bronchitis. BOOO. Ken (my coordinator) called me yesterday afternoon and told me they had the biopsy results back. Bad news. Rejection. AGAIN! FUCK! This sucks. They said that it could have been stirred up by the cold/bronchitis that I have. But, this is just very disappointing and worrisome. This is the 3rd time post transplant I've had rejection. (Well the first time was only like 2-3 weeks post transplant while I was still incarcerated-but still) I hope this is not a repeating pattern.  It would suck so hardcore to have waited so many years to get new lungs and then end up getting chronic rejection. It's not been a good weekend. :-(  Ken is supposed to call me back on Monday and let me know what the plan for treatment is. I'll keep you posted.

P.S. I met a sweet, cute boy. Yay!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Thanks "Tiffany" the Masseuse for trying your best to cripple me!!!!!!

What's up bitchesssss?

It has been a while since I've written. Spiacente! ("I'm sorry." - in Italian) So let's see......updates.

Well, I'm single again, again. lol That's right boys....I'm available. Don't hurt yourselves beating a path to my door. :) No drug addicts, alcoholics or overly opinionated (who try to convert me to their way of thinking) or judgmental men need apply!

Let's see..what else...Christmas was awesome. Still going to P.T. 3 days a week. My 6 months Lungiversary (post transplant) was on Dec. 21st!! WOoo hoooo! Forgot to write a post about it. Mom took me out to eat and I put 6 candles on top of my chocolate cake thing at Applebees and blew them out!!! Yay i can blow out candles!!! :) Was supposed to have my post rejection bronch this past thursday but they cancelled it after I went all the way up there. (long story). I stayed the weekend though and went to clinic on Friday and spent the weekend with Vick and Chris and their kids. Always have fun with them! So thanks again Vicki for allowing me to spend time with your family!! Love you guys! Garran (their son)'s 1 year. lungiversary is next Tuesday. YAY!!!!!! Vick and I got massages on Sunday afternoon. I was so looking forward to it. But that bitch tried to cripple me!!! I could barely walk when she was done, my feet and legs hurt so bad!

Clinic went good on Friday. I'm fat still. lol  Effin' prednisone and rejection! My pft's were down 5% but I'm hoping it is just b/c I have been a little sick lately. At first it was just my sinuses for like a month (and still is). But now since Friday i've been coughing a lot too. I hate it! I thought I was going to make it through winter without getting sick!! i guess not! The Transplant Gods can be so cruel!!!!!!! *shakes fist annoyingly*

I bought myself Wii Fit Plus on Ebay. So now maybe that in conjuction with P.T. will help me lose some of this horrid weight I've gained. :) Keep your fingers crossed. I don't want to be embarrassed at the pool this summer. HEHE. Also, I am going to compete in the summer NKF transplant Games this summer in Madison, Wisconsin. (Barring any unforseen complications) So, Im going to start training soon. This time for real. lol  I can't wait to get back in the pool! I'm not sure what other sport I will do. We'll see I guess.

Since my bronch last week got cancelled, I have to get it done this Thursday. So, off to Chapel Thrill I will go again, tra-la-la-la-la POOP!

ANNOUNCEMENT: In order to be able to afford to attend the summer transplant games, I must raise money for expenses and such. If you love me enough to want to donate to my "Empty Pocket Transplant Games Fund" please do so! All donations are much appreciated!! :) If you want your donations to be tax-deductable you can donate online at by clicking on the Transplant Games link on the right..OR- you can send me a check written out to the National Kidney Foundation. (they are the ones that put on the games every year) If you write it to NKF - PUT MY NAME (Margaret Murphy) IN THE "for" or "memo" section of the check so they will know it is for me. If you don't care about your donation being tax deductible, you can write the check to me personally. (Margaret Murphy) Whichever one floats your boats!!! :)

If you have any fundraising suggestions for me, or know of any companies, agencies, corporations, etc. who may be interested in donating as well, email me and let me know.  I can send you info for them. You can find my email on the blog. If not, just leave me a comment about it.

I'm off like my prom dress never went!!!!! :)

pic from Christmas Eve.