Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Long Day. Being Sneaky is so tiring! :)


Hey Ho's.

What's up everyone? Today has been a long tiring day for me. First, I got up super early to go on a secret mission that I can't reveal on here. If you want to know that bad, you can email me. :) hehehe.

Then I came home and 2 hours later I had to go back out to rehab and work out. I was already super tired b/c I had to get up so early and I Hardly slept at all. So needless to say, rehab was a drag. I was so tired during it all I wanted to do was fall asleep.

Then after I got home, like 30 minutes later, I had to go back out AGAIN and eat dinner. Not that I'm complaining. You know how much I LOVE going out to eat. :) But I was so tired!

OH and last night I got an email saying that Neeko's Halloween costume was missing and that they couldn't ship it. So they put my money back on my card. I was so pissed! So I had to find a different one last night at like Midnight and order it and pay for 2 day air delivery! This one is cute too. Its a Frog Prince costume :) I hope it fits him.

Tomorrow is a day of REST. Except for the 5 minutes on the bike that I will attempt at some point :) Man I hope I sleep well tonight. I sure do need it!

Peace bitches!

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coachbethea said...

hi meghann,
just one of the BITCHES OR HOs that you are venting to.just thought i'd come in to say that i read your blogs and for you to keep on keepin on, be patient for a little while longer,create more cuss words. if you need to, i have volumes 1,2,3,and 4 of cussology if you need it.
know that you are tired of waitng and having to go through all that you do. your reward for your waiting will be greater than you can imagine!!
i can not imagine what you are having to go through with the faulty lungs, but i can tell you that once the gift of life comes, you will look back on all the BITCHES AND HOs(like me) and laugh and cry and say"they tried to tell me. thoseBITCHES,......OR hoS.