Monday, February 23, 2009

Nothing new really...

Hola Bitches.

I haven't written lately b/c there hasn't really been anything going on to talk about. Just been hanging out with Justin a lot. You know, same old shit, different days. The only new thing is that my transplant center has done another transplant. So I'm happy for whoever that is, although now I really do feel like the last unicorn. I think I'm going to be the only one left at support group now that is on oxygen and pre-transplant.

Garran is home from the hospital and doing great. YAY!

I have an appointment with my pulmonologist next Wed. in Chapel Hill. Justin is going to take me (if things go as planned). Then there is also a support group meeting that night, so we will need to stay in town for that. I'm not sure what we will do between the time we leave the hospital and the time the meeting starts at 6pm. We may go to Durham and to the Duke campus to kill some time. Who knows.

Speaking of Duke...tonight they played Wake Forest again and got revenge!! YEAH! GO DUKE! AND Carolina lost yesterday! Muwahhahahaha. Dumb ass tarheels. Take that, assholes! haahahahha :)

Well, I'm going to bed soon. I have a lot of fun stuff to watch on DVR before I fall asleep. Check back soon for another post!

Jusin and I at his house the other night.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Transplant Clinic Woes

Hey Y'all.

It's been a super long day. I had to get up at 6 a.m. in order to leave by 7 a.m. to get to the hospital in Chapel Hill and meet Victoria for breakfast at 9 a.m. My brother took the day off work to take me. Breakfast was good. It was great to see her. It was the first time I'd seen her since Garran got his transplant. I brought his presents and some clothes out of my closet for Kait. She said they loved them. So that's good.

Then after we got done eating at 10 a.m. I had to go straight to registration. Then to get my blood drawn. Then after that I was due in clinic by 11 a.m. We got up to clinic right on time. First thing I did was the pulmonary function test. (P.F.T.) Unfortunately, my FEV1 (Forced Expiatory Volume over 1 second) percentage dropped by 3 points. It went from 21% to 18%. I had hoped that this meant my L.A.S. (Lung Allocation Score - what decides your place on the transplant list) would go up a significant amount and therefore put me higher on the overall list (which would make me more likely to get my transplant sooner than later). But, I was told that the L.A.S. isn't affected by the FEV1, but by the FVC. (Forced Vital Capacity). And although my FEV1 dropped by 3%,  my FVC didn't drop all that much. SO Ken, my coordinator, told me that my L.A.S. would increase, but not by much. So that' sucks big fat hairy donkey balls. :-(

And to make matters worse, I've gained even more weight. Last time I was at clinic, I weighed 113 lbs. This time I weighed 118 lbs. But, in my defense, I was wearing heavy shoes so I have to subtract at least 3 lbs. So I'll say 116, which is what I weighed at the last Dr. visit I had here in Lexington. But still. That is 3 lbs more than I was the last time I was in clinic.

I felt sort of depressed today during Clinic, b/c I saw like 3 other people that were POST transplant. And it is really starting to bum me out some b/c I feel like I'm the only one left on the list at Chapel Hill. And then I felt even worse about it b/c the guy running the PFT test for me told me , "Your the only one I've had today that wasn't post transplant."  and i was like, "Really? How many people have you seen today?"   (at this point it was only 11 a.m.) and he replied, "you're the 10th." I felt like I'd been slapped in the face. Jeeeezz that's just great. Thanks buddy! *rolls eyes*

I did have a funny conversation today with one of the transplant surgeons though. This is how it went:

Surgeon: "So, how've you been feeling?"

Me: "I've been okay I guess."

Bo(my brother): "She's been whining and depressed over Wednesday's game."

Surgeon: "Ohh I see. You wouldn't happen to be a Duke fan would you?" *smiles*

Me: "YES. A hardcore Duke fan."

Surgeon: "Uh oh!" *smiles mischeviously* "You know what that means. During your surgery after we put your new lungs in, I'll have to carve a UNC into your chest!"

Me: "NOOO! Don't do that!" *laughs*

Surgeon: "I'm just kidding..."  *laughs*

Bo: "Yeah, Thats what I'm talking about!" *laughs hysterically*

Me: *glares at Bo*

I thought it was pretty funny. I don't know, maybe you just had to be there. Anyways, I'm tired so I'm going to try and go sleepies soon. I'll Holler at y'all later.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crying royal blue tears

What's up Bitches.

I am...well..I'm not sure what word to use to describe my frame of mind right now. Disappointed isn't strong enough of a adjective to describe what I'm feeling since last night. If you're wondering, I'm referring to the Duke vs. Carolina game last night at Duke. It was....Hell, I'm speechless.

The first half went pretty well and I really had hope. But then I have no idea what happened. To make a long horrible story short, Duke ended up losing by way too much than they should have. And to make matters worse, I had been running my mouth all day up until the game to whoever I could about how Duke was going to whoop UNC's ass. I wanted to put a gun to my head and pull the trigger.

BUT - I will say that I'm super happy that they had Paulus starting again. Not that Smith isn't a good player, but he's not near as experienced as Paulus and they never should have had Smith starting over Paulus in the first place. I hope they keep Paulus starting from now own.

While I'm very disappointed that we lost, I still love my boys and I will still be their #1 fan. We still have another game against Carolina, at the Dean Dome in March. I'm hoping we blow those fuckers away.

Moving along, last night I went out to dinner with Julie at Kabuki. Mmmm I love japenese. I just can't get enough of their Teryaki chicken and fried rice. And that shrimp sauce. My mouth is salivating just thinking about it. I ate so much that I had to unbutton my jeans. I'll post a pic of dinner at the end of this post.

V-day is coming up and I'm not sure what to get Justin. I had just planned on cooking him brownies in a heart shaped tin. But, I feel like I should at least get him a little something else. I don't know. Maybe I'll just give him the brownies and a nice card. I love picking out cards. :) I usually get him both a funny one and a serious one.

The other night when I was over at his house watching a DVD, he gave me my V-day present early. He gave me a beanie baby Melman from the Madagascar movies. :) It's so cute! He remembered me saying that Melman was my favorite one! isn't that sweet? :)

Tomorrow I go to Chapel Hill for Transplant Clinic. Bo (my brother) is taking me up there. We're leaving around 7 a.m. b/c we're meeting Victoria for breakfast at the cafe in the hospital around 9a.m. I have some gifts for Garran to give her and some clothes to give Kaitlyn. I'm looking forward to seeing her.

Garran is doing great! He may get to go home either tomorrow or Monday. I just can't say how happy I am for him and his family! I can't wait for my turn :)

Well that's it for now...Peace and chicken grease!

Julie at dinner last night at Kabuki!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pity Post

Hey Bitches.

First off, Garran is doing AWESOME! He's recovering so fast and I'm so happy for him and his family! He's already down on the step down floor and has only 2 chest tubes left, out of 4. And they took the NG tube out as well. He should be getting his first week bronch. (Bronchoscopy) on Monday or Tuesday, I assume. And, instead of passing gas which everyone was waiting for him to do before he could eat or drink anything, he skipped that altogether and went straight for the poop! Yay Garran! lol

I'll update more later when I find out more. If you want to see his Caring Bridge website that his mother puts updates about him on, the link is on my blog list.

Secondly, WHY THE HELL won't anyone follow my blog?! I have 2 lone little followers and that's IT. What the fuck y'all? I know more than Bree and Tiffany are reading my blog, Right? Or am I wrong? Maybe I'm just a big O2 loser and no one wants to watch me drone on about all my problems and what is going on in my pathetic little life.

Seriously, y'all! You are giving me a fuckin' complex. I know there are some Blogspot people besides them that read me, right? *puppy dog eyes* This fuckin' sucks. *pout*

I give and give and give to y'all and all you do is TAKE! All i ask for is some more followers, is that too much to ask? Pretty please? I'll be your best friends..all of your best friends!

Oh man. Now i'm begging. I really am pathetic. *reaches for more chocolate cake*

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Garran - Up and off!

Hey Everyone! :)

Great news! Garran is already off the ventilator and been up and walking around two times already! Thank you God! I knew he was a trooper and would be off that vent before we could blink! :) I'm so happy for him and his family and can't wait to see them.

I won't be able to see Garran for a while, b/c of my own lung issues, they don't let others that cough up stuff regularly see the transplant patients so quickly after surgery. Especially when they are sick, like me right now. But, i will get to see Victoria (his mom) next Friday when I go to Chapel Hill for Clinic.

I ordered him a teddy bear from Build a Bear and dressed it with a surgeon's scrubs. I hope he likes it! Plus, I couldn't resist ordering a Groundhog beanie baby for him also. Since he got his transplant on Groundhog's Dog! :) I'm going to put them in a goody bag to give to his mom when I see her next Friday. :)

That's all for now, nothing else going on around here. I'm signing off!

Monday, February 2, 2009

G-Man's new lungs - it's a go!

Hey Everyone!

I'm super excited today b/c my friend Garran is getting his transplant today! He's the one in the pics with me in the post before last. His mom Victoria texted me this morning around 9 a.m. to let me know that he got THE call. We kept in touch off and on until around 2:15 pm when she let me know that it was "go."

I can't express how happy I am for little Garran and his family today. Please keep them in your prayers and pray that his surgery is a success! I know it will be! Pretty soon he will be up and running and playing like every 8 year old is supposed to! He deserves it! Love you Garran!

I'll update on his condition as soon as I hear anything! :) Toodles! *happy dance*