Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hello my little Christmas Elves!!!

Let's see... Like I said before, Clinic was great on Friday. I stayed at Vick and Chris's the rest of the weekend. We went to church on Sunday and then the Christmas party afterward. MMmmm good food. Also, the kids and I took turns wrapping each other up in tree lights and plugging them in. I'll post some pics. Luke wasn't able to come up for Christmas. :-( But hopefully next month when I'm in Chapel Hill for a few days.

Yesterday after P.T. I got interviewed for the local paper. It is supposed to run in tomorrow's paper. Once it's posted online, I'll put a link on here so y'all can read it if you like. Well company is arriving for christmas Eve, so i'm heading out like a fetus!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Short but SOOO sweeeeeeeet!!!

What's up Y'all!

I had a great day!!!! Today I went to clinic and I FINALLY hit the 60% on my FEV1!!!!! I'm so psyched!!! My labs were good, my xray was better. Everything was awesome! I'm so blessed!!!

I'll write more later!!!! :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Today was a good day..."

What's up bitches!

In the legendary words of Ice Cube..or was it Dr. Dre?   Cube i think..anyways..."Today was a good day." I went over to my friend Stephenie's house and hung out most of the day with her and her hubby. I ate like 10,0000 cheesey poofs though. But oh well. lol Then to make the eating matters worse, when I came home I stopped directly in the kitchen and ate a plate of baked spaghetti and salad. and then embarassingly, a pudding cup.

Tomorrow I'm going to Emily's for the night to hang out. Can't wait!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nancy Grace and Tiger Woods sittin' in a tree........


OMG. I am going to seriously punch Nancy Grace in the face. I love her but she is pissing me off so bad. She has ruined her show by obsessing over this whole Tiger Woods scandal. I'm so tired of hearing about his ass. I don't care if he is a billionare sports figure. I don't care if his wife is beautiful and he's gave away his penis more times than he can probably count. I do not care if he crashed his truck into a tree and his hot Swedish wife beat the shit out of him. And to be honest, I'm not sure that anyone else really cares either, except the Media.

And to top it all off...she had on an effin' fugly necklace tonight. Come on now Nancy, you're slippin'.....


Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hey my babies!!!

Hope everyone is having a good day/week. I am. Except for the fact that I'm eating too much. But what else is new?! :) I'm super happy b/c my dog is really starting to spend more time with me again and show me attention. Hopefully when I get my own place soon, he will start sleeping with me again! Oh how I miss those days. I think it helps that I can go on walks with him now. Don't you think?

I went out today and we got Mom's Christmas present. I'm not going to say what it is, just in case she somehow clicks on something on facebook by accident and stumbles onto my blog and reads it. But, It's really pretty and I think she'll like it. It will be from me, my brother and my step dad.

Mom and I went to the grocery store earlier. One of my favorite past times. Especially post transplant. hahahaha. Lori Beth and Keegan (her son) are coming over tonight. She's going to help me clean my tornado attacked room and they are staying for dinner.

I had Hardees for lunch - the Coke tasted like water. Thanks Hardees. You try choking down 4 prednisone pills at once with watery Coke. You can suck it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

UPDATE - Sorry it's been so long!

What's up my bitches!
I'm baaaaaaaaaaack. I apologize for boring you by leaving you hanging. I know you all live for reading my blog. :) hehe I kid, I kid! It has been a long 8 or 9 days but definitely worth it.  I've been super busy. So, I have a lot to catch you up on. Shall we begin?

Vickie is such a wonderful friend. She drove me all the way home to Lexington from the hospital after I got paroled on Monday afternoon. Thank you vickie! I love you! We both found ourselves 3 days from the Sweet Melissa Foundation fundraiser, without a dress. SO, on the way to take me home to Stale-Town, we stopped at the mall in W.S. I had just been released from my incarceration not even 2 hours prior to the time we stepped into the mall. We walked around the mall to diff. stores trying dresses on for around 3 or 4 hours. I FINALLY found a dress. For only $25 too. Total awesomeness. She didn't find one that day but found a great brown one later on. Anyway, I digress from the important part of that day. I WALKED AROUND THE MALL FOR 3-4 HOURS WITHOUT HAVING TO REST. I couldn't believe it. ESPECIALLY after having been in the hospital all weekend getting pumped full of high dose IV steroids. I found a minute or two every so often while walking through the mall, to thank God and my donor for giving me the ability to accomplish this once impossible task. :)

But, of course, with such joy and positivity must come something negative. My Feet and ankles swelled up SOOOOO freakin' huge by the time I got home!!!!! But, it was so worth it. I didn't complain too much. :) 

Tuesday, I rested. It was nice. Very nice. :)

Wed. was one of the most awesome days I've had. Especially post transplant. I've always wanted to go on a ride along with the police department and Wed. I finally did it! It was RE-DONK-ULOUS!!! SOOOO FUN. I got to go on an undercover drug bust, pick up a snitch with warrants as well as take people to jail. I got to follow him everywhere. The only time I had to stay in the car was during the drug bust. But, i still got to watch! I even got to go into the county jail while they put them behind bars. So fun.

Then, when I finally got home from playing COPS, I had to directly go back out with Mom to get some shoes for my dress for the fundraiser on Thurs. I didn't get home til around 9:30 pm. And hadn't even started to pack for Chapel Hill the next day. So, tired and dead on my feet, (BUT BREATHING!!!) I started packing my bag and got most of it done that night before i went to sleep. The next morning around 11, my step dad drove me up to Chapel HIll and dropped me off at Vickie and Chris's where I would stay a couple nights.

Thursday was the big night. I'd been looking forward to it for a year. Since when I was still pre-transplant and I had heard about the fundraiser. Vickie's family and I all packed into the van, looking beautiful and handsome of course, and went to the Sweet Melissa fundraiser at Carolina Inn. I was pleasently surprised b/c I didn't look quite as fat as I expected myself to look. Not that that mattered, b/c everytime someone saw me during the night I was probably stalking one of the many food stations and sucking down huge amounts of food. was a wonderful night and I wouldn't cash in those 2 lbs I'm sure I gained, or change it for anything. I'll post pics.

Friday, I actually had to go to clinic. (THank you again Vickie for taking me, you're such an awesome friend!) And for once, everything went wonderful. Since the treatement in the hospital that past weekend, my FEV1 went up 9% and the rest of the lung function stuff increased by like 1/3. The fluid in the lungs was gone. I'm sure there are some other positive things but I can't remember right this second. Long story short. My lungs kicked ass!!! I can even see a diff. in my breathing that I didn't notice before. I'm so blessed! After clinic, we went to the grocery store and got food to cook dinner. Tiffany joined us for dinner. It was a nice night.

Saturday morning, Bo (my brother) drove up to pick me up from Vickies and take me back to Lexington. :-(  I had such a good time with Vik and her family and my friends at Sweet Melissa. I didn't wanna go home! But, alas, I did need my rest and missed my bed.

Me kissing the Coach K signed basketball at the Fundraiser


This week I'm just going to P.T. Mon-Wed-Fri and having lunch with friends. And oh yeah, Christmas shopping. Mom took me out for my Christmas from her and my step dad. I Got some awesome stuff. Thanks Mom! All I really needed, I already have recieved. New puffers. But, boots are nice too. ;-) My Ambien is kicking in and I have P.T. in the morning, so until next the words of my favorite blunt, sometimes downright bitchy, but always entertaining tv personality - Nancy Grace:

"Goodnight Friend."