Monday, October 20, 2008

Queen of the Treadmill!


What's up my Bitches!!!

I have one question to ask you. WHO is the mothafuckin' queen of the got-dayum treadmill?? YES! Correct! Its I, Meghann, Queen of the Oxygen People! I went all KINDS of Chuck Norris on that treadmill today at rehab! When I got done with that treadmill, IT was the one huffin' and puffin', not ME!

Yes, that is right, my loyal followers. I achieved my personal best time on the treadmill today during Rehab. Well, my personal best in at least 10 years, I should say. :) But that is beside the point! Today, I, your Queen, walked not 10 mins, not 15, mins, not even 20 minutes! I walked 25 freakin' minutes without a break! And I didn't even have to turn my O2 up past 5 liters!

I am the Pimpstress of the Treadmill. So, mom took me to get KFC as a reward. But then i was disappointed, b/c I've realized that KFC isn't nearly as satisfying and yummy to me as it used to be before I got my gallbladder removed :-(

And on top of that, my tummy is still acting upset off and on. I made a Dr. appointment. I go tomorrow at 4pm. So hopefully Dr. Sudip Roy *rolls eyes* (i miss Dr. Long!) can fix me.

Aside from being excited about blowing the treadmill's back out lately, I'm still bummed that I haven't gotten THE CALL. And I'm not talking about a booty call y'all! :) I wish they would just call already, shhhheeeesh. This is getting ridiculous. But I know that I need to shut my piehole and quit whining b/c some people have been waiting for much longer. I KNOW. I waited for over 3 years the first time I was on the list. So I'm going to SHOOSH myself. :)

To sum all this up, I thought I would leave y'all with a picture that expresses my joy at smacking the treadmill up today :) ENJOY.


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