Monday, March 15, 2010

Donor Family Letter

What's up bitches!

So here's an update. My chest, in the lower lung region, where my ribs are, has been hurting since thurs. baaaad. I tried to wait until Today (monday) to go see the doctors in clinic about it. But, I was getting worried and it was hurting so bad. Everyone kept telling me I needed to go on and get it checked out. So I relented. I went to the ER last night in Chapel Thrill. Luckily, Ken called them ahead of time and told them I was coming. Thanks Ken! So it didn't take near as long as I thought it would.

First of all, the car broke down on the way to the hospital. We were about 20 mins away. BOOOOOO! So, while Bo and Mom waited for my step dad to get there from home, I was transported to the hospital by ambulance. (non emergency, they didn't rush or put the siren on!) I finally got there around 6pm. We left home around 2pm.

So anyway, once there, they put in an IV and took some blood. Then I had a chest xray done. Everything was fine. So, the doctor said that it must just be bruised rib/pulled muscles from coughing so much since my bronch. Whew! I am so relieved that's all it was. She gave me some pain medicine through the IV while I was there and sent me home with a script for Oxycodone.

Changing the subject: I finally wrote out my donor letter on paper. It is in the envelope and ready to give to the social worker on Friday when I go to clinic. I'm really nervous. I hope they like it and write me back! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I'm off like a prom dress....for now. :) The picture below is of me in the ER last night. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear Rejection: EPIC Fail. You can't hold this bitch down!!! I keep on comin' back, harder and stronger each time! In your face, whore!

Helloooo my lil' babies. (I miss you Conan!!! Leno - You can suck it! I used to like you, but now...*sighs in disappointment and shakes head*)

Getting down to bidness: SO - I FINALLY heard back about my bronch results this evening. Ken - My coordinator - called around 5:30 pm. *DRUMROLL* NO REJECTION!!! WOO HOO!!! YAY!!! *dances around wildly* He told me that everything looked great with my bronch. And that the cultures that they took during the bronch, that have come back already are all negative!!! WOOO HOO! And he was super psyched about my awesomely improved PFT's. He said they were the best yet! YAY YAY YAY! *dances around again* AND (wait for it.....wait for it.....) He officially gave me the green light to go swimming!!! YES THANK YOU GOD. I feel so blessed right now and so happy to be alive. And so thankful for my donor and donor family. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

I'm bout to be backkkk, bitches!!!!!!!! :) :) I think swimming is going to help tremendously with me getting into good shape (and hopefully helping me drop a few 15 lbs) and keeping my lungs strong and healthy. (Hopefully it will help them get even better!) I was already told that I could help with the swim team this summer at the pool! WOo hoo! Wish I wasn't too old to be on the team lol :) Oh well, I already had my day in the sun, it was just cut short and ended way too soon. But, hey that's life! :) There's always the 2012 summer Transplant Games!

So, tonight has ended on a good note, thanks to the good bronch news. I have clinic next Friday and I hope my legs are feeling better by then. I'm tired of moving like a 90 year old woman! Oddly enough, Ken said that my cholesterol was high on my last labs. Hmm that is the first time that has ever happened. I wonder what it could be from. I haven't really changed any of my heating habits that I can think of. *scratches head in confusion* We'll see what the labs next Friday show.

I have a lot of cool things to look forward to in the next few months. Such as, Jenn's wedding shower in a couple weeks, seeing Cat again for the first time in FOREVER and first time post-transplant.  On St. Patrick's day I'm going to Antoinette' party...and then we're going out after to live like my ancestors did! At the bar!!! :) In April, there's Hunter's engagement party that I will be attending! (Thanks for saying I can borrow your cowgirl boots, Em!!) PLUS, Jenn's WEDDING!!! I'm super psyched. She's one of my oldest most cherished friends. I have a feeling my makeup is going to run!! lol  PLEASE lord let me catch the bouquet!!

THEN - In June, June 21st to be exact - I will have reached the ridonkulously important date of my 1 Year Lungiversary! It's going to be so awesome!!! I can't wait. I know I am going to have a party. I'm just not sure what kind specifically (formal, semi-formal, cocktail, bbq, pool party, etc etc?) or where it will be. SO - if anyone has any party suggestions (type of party, venue, cake ideas, themes, etc etc) please let me know. Help me brain storm!! :) I've only got a lil over 3 months to figure it all out!

Okay, I'm gonna go watch a movie with my brother. (Congrats on becoming the new Wii bowling champ Bo! but don't get cocky) But, before I bounce, I would like to ask everyone to please keep Rachael Wakefield in your thoughts and prayers. She just got her double lung transplant after being told she had 12 months or less to live!! Congrats Rachy!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Epic FAIL Tardheels! Final Score = 82 to 49. DUKE! Finally, something to smile about!

What's up y'all?

So- The bronch on Thurs. went well. As far as I know. Usually, the doctor (at least one of the two) stick around long enough for me to wake up and tell me how it went and if I have any questions or concerns about it or if there's something I want to tell them about that's been bothering me, I can talk to them then. That way I don't necessarily have to go to clinic the next day. But, thursday when I woke up. They had bounced!!! So, I didn't get to talk to them. And last time, they called me on Saturday with the results. (Rejection) So, I figured I'd hear from them today. But, I didn't. I'm hoping that no news yet, means good news. Maybe they just called me back so quick and over the weekend last time, b/c it was positive for rejection. So, maybe them not calling yet, is a sign that I'm rejection free. *fingers crossed* Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

*sigh* It's been a pretty uneventful weekend. But rest is always good. I actually ended up going to the movies this afternoon. We saw Cop Out. It was soooo funny!!!!! It looked funny on the previews but I figured it wouldn't be as funny as it looked. I'm glad I was wrong!!!

My legs (knees down to ankles) have been hurting so bad and bothering me. It was all I could do to walk in and out of the movie theater. And then we had to walk up steps to get to the seats. And then back down. My knees almost gave out! It's crazy. I'm tired of this. I don't understand why my legs are bothering me so bad. :-(  At first I thought it was just because I was weak from being sick with the stomach virus and starting to get out and be active again was making me sore and that I just need to build up my strength again. Or maybe I was just hurting more and its harder to walk b/c of hurting my back. But, now I don't know b/c it doesn't seem to be going away in a timely manner. Which is one reason why I hoped the doctor would have stuck around after my bronch, so I could tell him about the legs. It always seems to be one thing after another! Ughh i'm getting so tired of this crap!

Tonight was the BIG GAME. Duke vs. UNC. the last game of the regular season. It fucking rocked. Duke made UNC their bitches. It was wonderful. I am giddy with joy! So now, Duke is going into the ACC tourney as number 1. WOOO HOOO! AND my former lover, Christian Laettner was at the game. Still looking sexy as hell. Just older.

Anywhoo's..I'm gonna get some Pepsi. I'll be sure to update when I get the results from the bronch. *fingers crossed*

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Worried and Nervous

What's up y'all?

Today I had a Dr. appointment with the obgyn. It had been over a year and half since I'd been, so I was overdue for my yearly visit. I love my dr. She's so awesome. I didn't realize that they knew that I had had my transplant though. And I was surprised when they were all (dr. nurses, receptionist, etc) so excited to see me breathing without my O2. My doctor gave me a big hug and told me how great I looked and how happy she was for me that I'd gotten my new lungs.

She also explained to me that my stretch marks were so big and red right now b/c of the steroids I've been on since transplant. She said that they will eventually turn silver/white. But that the steroids make them red and more angry looking. I'd never heard that before, so that makes me feel a little better. There were some white blood cells and blood in my urine test, which could indicate a UTI, so she went on and gave me an antibiotic to take for 3 days. Better safe than sorry with my immune system!

Tomorrow is my repeat bronch to check to see if the rejection is gone. *fingers crossed* I'm not nervous about the procedure at all, I've gotten so used to them now. But, I'm very nervous about the results of the biopsies. I'm worried - what if the rejection isn't gone? What would that mean? And why wouldn't it have gone away with all the steroid treatment? And what would the next treatment be? God, I pray that it is gone. And that it never comes back. I've heard that there is some theory that the more times you have acute rejection, the more likely you are to go into Chronic Rejection. Although that theory hasn't been proven. They believe that there could be a link. That is scary. B/c this is the 3rd time I've had acute rejection and I'm only 8 months post transplant. And it seems lately that I've been finding out about more and more lung transplant recipients who have gotten Chronic Rejection and are less than 2 or 3 years post transplant. I can't imagine what it feels like to hear that diagnosis. I pray that I never have to hear it. It is such a heart breaking outcome, especially when someone has gone through so much and gotten so far.

On a happy note - I found out today that Garran's bronch results were negative for rejection! YAY! So happy! No rejection for G-man! :)
Oh, and I'm not sure if i reported it or not, but Bree's (my lung-transplant twin) bronch results were negative too! YAY! No rejection for Bree!!! WOO HOO!

Fuck. Duke just lost to Maryland. Sonnabitch. Man and I have to be in Chapel Hill tomorrow. They are going to be talking so much shit to me tomorrow.

Anyways, I'm signing off for now. Going to watch the DVR til' I fall asleep. Please say a prayer for me tomorrow that everything goes well and the results say NO REJECTION!!!! Love you guys.

P.S. Please say a prayer for Jordan Ulrich, Miranda Sheppard and Eva Markvoort. They are all very ill right now and need your prayers and positive thoughts sent their way!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SNOW?! Agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain???

Hello my babies!

I trust you all had a good weekend. Or at least I hope you did! My weekend was pretty good! I think I did a little too much though a little too soon after the stomach virus. I don't think I had my strength back all the way and I over did it a bit this weekend, maybe a little too active. I could barely walk it felt like yesterday, my legs were so sore from the knees down to my feet. P.T. was pathetic!!!! :)

Well, it's snowing outside, AGAIN. *rolls eyes*  I'm so tired of snow! It's March now, go away snow!!! GOSH! Although, I must say that it is really pretty right now. The flakes are freakin' HUGE. It looks like goose feathers falling from the sky! I've never seen snowflakes so big. But, thankfully it's not really sticking to the ground. The last thing I need is bad weather again on Thursday and not be able to make it to Chapel Thrill for my Bronch. My brother is off work Thurs. so he will be taking me up there.

On a happy note - I'm finally off the horrible prednisone taper and back to my regular maitanence dose of 15 mg every other day. YAY! I pray that my bronchoscopy results show NO REJECTION. I'm so tired of this shit!!!!

Tomorrow is a busy day. P.T. at 2pm, Dr. appointment at 3pm and then dinner with the girls at 7pm!!!

New Lungs ROCK!!!!!  Peace and chicken grease!