Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crying royal blue tears

What's up Bitches.

I am...well..I'm not sure what word to use to describe my frame of mind right now. Disappointed isn't strong enough of a adjective to describe what I'm feeling since last night. If you're wondering, I'm referring to the Duke vs. Carolina game last night at Duke. It was....Hell, I'm speechless.

The first half went pretty well and I really had hope. But then I have no idea what happened. To make a long horrible story short, Duke ended up losing by way too much than they should have. And to make matters worse, I had been running my mouth all day up until the game to whoever I could about how Duke was going to whoop UNC's ass. I wanted to put a gun to my head and pull the trigger.

BUT - I will say that I'm super happy that they had Paulus starting again. Not that Smith isn't a good player, but he's not near as experienced as Paulus and they never should have had Smith starting over Paulus in the first place. I hope they keep Paulus starting from now own.

While I'm very disappointed that we lost, I still love my boys and I will still be their #1 fan. We still have another game against Carolina, at the Dean Dome in March. I'm hoping we blow those fuckers away.

Moving along, last night I went out to dinner with Julie at Kabuki. Mmmm I love japenese. I just can't get enough of their Teryaki chicken and fried rice. And that shrimp sauce. My mouth is salivating just thinking about it. I ate so much that I had to unbutton my jeans. I'll post a pic of dinner at the end of this post.

V-day is coming up and I'm not sure what to get Justin. I had just planned on cooking him brownies in a heart shaped tin. But, I feel like I should at least get him a little something else. I don't know. Maybe I'll just give him the brownies and a nice card. I love picking out cards. :) I usually get him both a funny one and a serious one.

The other night when I was over at his house watching a DVD, he gave me my V-day present early. He gave me a beanie baby Melman from the Madagascar movies. :) It's so cute! He remembered me saying that Melman was my favorite one! isn't that sweet? :)

Tomorrow I go to Chapel Hill for Transplant Clinic. Bo (my brother) is taking me up there. We're leaving around 7 a.m. b/c we're meeting Victoria for breakfast at the cafe in the hospital around 9a.m. I have some gifts for Garran to give her and some clothes to give Kaitlyn. I'm looking forward to seeing her.

Garran is doing great! He may get to go home either tomorrow or Monday. I just can't say how happy I am for him and his family! I can't wait for my turn :)

Well that's it for now...Peace and chicken grease!

Julie at dinner last night at Kabuki!

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Christy said...

My surgeon couldn't wait to finish my surgery yesterday, b/c he was going to the game... LOL.