Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pity Post

Hey Bitches.

First off, Garran is doing AWESOME! He's recovering so fast and I'm so happy for him and his family! He's already down on the step down floor and has only 2 chest tubes left, out of 4. And they took the NG tube out as well. He should be getting his first week bronch. (Bronchoscopy) on Monday or Tuesday, I assume. And, instead of passing gas which everyone was waiting for him to do before he could eat or drink anything, he skipped that altogether and went straight for the poop! Yay Garran! lol

I'll update more later when I find out more. If you want to see his Caring Bridge website that his mother puts updates about him on, the link is on my blog list.

Secondly, WHY THE HELL won't anyone follow my blog?! I have 2 lone little followers and that's IT. What the fuck y'all? I know more than Bree and Tiffany are reading my blog, Right? Or am I wrong? Maybe I'm just a big O2 loser and no one wants to watch me drone on about all my problems and what is going on in my pathetic little life.

Seriously, y'all! You are giving me a fuckin' complex. I know there are some Blogspot people besides them that read me, right? *puppy dog eyes* This fuckin' sucks. *pout*

I give and give and give to y'all and all you do is TAKE! All i ask for is some more followers, is that too much to ask? Pretty please? I'll be your best friends..all of your best friends!

Oh man. Now i'm begging. I really am pathetic. *reaches for more chocolate cake*


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