Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SNOW?! Agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain???

Hello my babies!

I trust you all had a good weekend. Or at least I hope you did! My weekend was pretty good! I think I did a little too much though a little too soon after the stomach virus. I don't think I had my strength back all the way and I over did it a bit this weekend, maybe a little too active. I could barely walk it felt like yesterday, my legs were so sore from the knees down to my feet. P.T. was pathetic!!!! :)

Well, it's snowing outside, AGAIN. *rolls eyes*  I'm so tired of snow! It's March now, go away snow!!! GOSH! Although, I must say that it is really pretty right now. The flakes are freakin' HUGE. It looks like goose feathers falling from the sky! I've never seen snowflakes so big. But, thankfully it's not really sticking to the ground. The last thing I need is bad weather again on Thursday and not be able to make it to Chapel Thrill for my Bronch. My brother is off work Thurs. so he will be taking me up there.

On a happy note - I'm finally off the horrible prednisone taper and back to my regular maitanence dose of 15 mg every other day. YAY! I pray that my bronchoscopy results show NO REJECTION. I'm so tired of this shit!!!!

Tomorrow is a busy day. P.T. at 2pm, Dr. appointment at 3pm and then dinner with the girls at 7pm!!!

New Lungs ROCK!!!!!  Peace and chicken grease!

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