Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear Rejection: EPIC Fail. You can't hold this bitch down!!! I keep on comin' back, harder and stronger each time! In your face, whore!

Helloooo my lil' babies. (I miss you Conan!!! Leno - You can suck it! I used to like you, but now...*sighs in disappointment and shakes head*)

Getting down to bidness: SO - I FINALLY heard back about my bronch results this evening. Ken - My coordinator - called around 5:30 pm. *DRUMROLL* NO REJECTION!!! WOO HOO!!! YAY!!! *dances around wildly* He told me that everything looked great with my bronch. And that the cultures that they took during the bronch, that have come back already are all negative!!! WOOO HOO! And he was super psyched about my awesomely improved PFT's. He said they were the best yet! YAY YAY YAY! *dances around again* AND (wait for it.....wait for it.....) He officially gave me the green light to go swimming!!! YES THANK YOU GOD. I feel so blessed right now and so happy to be alive. And so thankful for my donor and donor family. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

I'm bout to be backkkk, bitches!!!!!!!! :) :) I think swimming is going to help tremendously with me getting into good shape (and hopefully helping me drop a few 15 lbs) and keeping my lungs strong and healthy. (Hopefully it will help them get even better!) I was already told that I could help with the swim team this summer at the pool! WOo hoo! Wish I wasn't too old to be on the team lol :) Oh well, I already had my day in the sun, it was just cut short and ended way too soon. But, hey that's life! :) There's always the 2012 summer Transplant Games!

So, tonight has ended on a good note, thanks to the good bronch news. I have clinic next Friday and I hope my legs are feeling better by then. I'm tired of moving like a 90 year old woman! Oddly enough, Ken said that my cholesterol was high on my last labs. Hmm that is the first time that has ever happened. I wonder what it could be from. I haven't really changed any of my heating habits that I can think of. *scratches head in confusion* We'll see what the labs next Friday show.

I have a lot of cool things to look forward to in the next few months. Such as, Jenn's wedding shower in a couple weeks, seeing Cat again for the first time in FOREVER and first time post-transplant.  On St. Patrick's day I'm going to Antoinette' party...and then we're going out after to live like my ancestors did! At the bar!!! :) In April, there's Hunter's engagement party that I will be attending! (Thanks for saying I can borrow your cowgirl boots, Em!!) PLUS, Jenn's WEDDING!!! I'm super psyched. She's one of my oldest most cherished friends. I have a feeling my makeup is going to run!! lol  PLEASE lord let me catch the bouquet!!

THEN - In June, June 21st to be exact - I will have reached the ridonkulously important date of my 1 Year Lungiversary! It's going to be so awesome!!! I can't wait. I know I am going to have a party. I'm just not sure what kind specifically (formal, semi-formal, cocktail, bbq, pool party, etc etc?) or where it will be. SO - if anyone has any party suggestions (type of party, venue, cake ideas, themes, etc etc) please let me know. Help me brain storm!! :) I've only got a lil over 3 months to figure it all out!

Okay, I'm gonna go watch a movie with my brother. (Congrats on becoming the new Wii bowling champ Bo! but don't get cocky) But, before I bounce, I would like to ask everyone to please keep Rachael Wakefield in your thoughts and prayers. She just got her double lung transplant after being told she had 12 months or less to live!! Congrats Rachy!


Christy said...

Woot!!! you are awesome girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arjuna said...

Great, ur nice girl