Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random Ramblings

Hello There Bitches.

It has been quite a while since I've blogged. Why you ask? B/c I haven't had shit to talk about, Gah!! Get off my nut sack, you crazies! Just kidding, where would I be without my loyal followers? All...2 of you. (I hope there are more of you out there, if so, make yourself known PLEASE!)

Anyways, life has been pretty damn boring for me around here lately. As usual. My relationship with the boyfriend is nonexistent now. But I'm okay with that. Too much drama for me to deal with at the moment. I got other shit on my mind. It's HARD waiting for a transplant. I mean, it might not LOOK that way since all I do is sit around all day and sometimes go out with friends. But, I mean, Gah! It is stressful. It sucks enough having to worry about myself and my own future, much less worry about his ass and his future and our future together. (IF there was to be one.) I thought love would be enough, but sadly, it's not.

For all you young hopeful kids out there reading this, (yeah right who are we kidding!) Don't believe what they say...Love most certainly does NOT conquor all! That's line of bullshit they tell young women to perpetuate the idea that every story has a happy ending. It's all bullshit. Listen to your gut.

So, I've cut the ties, once again. I need to move on. Be alone for a while until I find someone who is worth taking all the focus off my own issues once again.

I'm still eating like a starving Ethiopian. And everything else is pretty much the same health wise. So that is good, I guess. No news is good news, I guess.

Tonight is Taco night and I'm super excited b/c I love my Mom's tacos. Oh and it's also the Wild Card show on American Idol tonight. Oh man, my life blows. Stab me in the eye, please.


Anonymous said...

opps sorry i stepped on your sack... keep on keepin on

Bree said...

You have a nutsack?

Meghann, you have some explaining to do....said nutsack in question did not make itself known during our night of passion. I am concerned....