Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy 8 Months on the Transplant List to me!

What's up Bitches?

Well, today officially marks my 8th month on the transplant list. I'm not surprised by any means that I've had to wait this long. Especially considering that the first time I was listed, I waited over 3 years before ending up going inactive on the list. In the grand scheme of things 8 months is not long at all when you compare it to others who have been listed for a year or more. Or even YEARS, like I was the first time around. I'm just happy that I'm still as healthy as possible and stable for the most part.

< that was the positive, rational Meghann speaking, now it's the irrational, negative Meghann's turn.>

WHAT THE F**K!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo tired of waiting!!!!!!! Why haven't they called?!??!! Enough, already! I want my new lungs!!!!!!! I'm soooo tired of getting out of breath and being on oxygen!!!!!!! My nose has now got a permanent bump on the bridge from the freakin' bipap mask, I'm tired all the time and have no energy, AND I'm getting fatter by the day cuz the one thing that truly brings me joy is feeding my face!! WHEN WILL THIS NIGHTMARE END??!!!

*injects herself with ativan and closes her eyes as she succumbs to her newfound calmness*

I know I should quit bitching. I'm not the only one in this f**ked up situation. My friend Bree has been waiting for 11 months today. (yep we share our list anniversary) So, I know she is pulling her hair out as well. I'm glad I'm not alone in this rocky boat! I hope we both get our calls soon. Here's to both of us getting THE call soon!

*takes a shot of Welches grape juice*

Peace and chicken grease, bitches!

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Miroslav Jeftic said...

Hello there, Mafia Wars partner :)

Hope you soon get back to wishing new cell phone, new clothes, new computer parts (hm, wait, maybe that's my wish) and not wishing for the new organs anmymore.
Best of wishes from the Planet of Serbia :)