Monday, March 30, 2009

My Moments in the sun?

Hey y'all.

Guess what?! I'm gonna be on the radio. And maybe T.V. too! I emailed 3 local radio stations in the area and 2 of the tv news stations last night. I told them that April is National Donate Life Month and that they should discuss it on the air.

Well today, when I checked my email, I had been emailed back by one of the news channels and one of the radio stations! The lady at the radio station said she wants to interview me and pre record it. Then play it during a live radio show that she does on Sundays. :) Then the girl from the news station said that she would love to do a story with me! So maybe that means I will be on t.v.!! :)

I'm super excited! :) But, a little nervous too. Now I have to make sure that I end up going shopping this week! B/c I have to look hot if I'm going to be on t.v!!!! :)

Don't worry y'all, I'll still love you when I'm FAMOUS! :) HAHAHAHHAHAHAA :) JUST JOSHING!!!!!

1 comment: said...

Heck yeah! Power to the CF Nation! Show them clowns out in TV land what you're working with...