Monday, January 26, 2009

I love you Lonestar steakhouse! You're my hero!

What's up my bitches!

I'm home from Chapel Hill, once again. From yet, ANOTHER, failed sleep study. I swear, why do they keep making me do these stupid tests? I never can fall asleep in a good amount of time. Then once I am asleep, I can't ever stay asleep long enough to go into REM sleep (which is where all the magic happens) before I wake up again. Therefore, they never can tell if anything strange is going on or not. Pointless.

But, before Mom and I reported to the hospital last night, we went out to dinner with my friend Victoria and her kids. We went to Lonestar in Durham and had a great time. The food was awesome. I ate so much that I probably gained another 16 lbs just from the chicken alone. I had a salad for starters with caesar dressing. And for the main course, I ate grilled bbq chicken with a loaded baked potato on the side. (minus the sour cream) Last, but not least, for dessert I had NY Cheescaked with chocolate syrup drizzeled over it. MMMMM.

I have to return on Wednesday to Chapel hill for support group. I'm looking forward to going b/c for 1. A friend of mine, Candace, who was on the list, got her transplant recently. And I'm hoping she will be at the meeting. :) And, 2. Justin is taking me, so that will give us some alone time together away from his parent's house. And 3. We will maybe get to meet Victoria again for dinner before the meeting, if they aren't busy moving. Good Friends and Good food, who can ask for anything more??? :)

On another note, You may be noticing that I gave my blog a total face lift. What do y'all think of it? When I first saw the background on the website I found it from, I thought, "Pink Cheetah print? Ummm, that's a little much." But, then the background I originally picked didn't look right. So, I thought I'd try this one out and it ended up growing on me. I especially like the pink ribbons on each side. It's very pretty! And I think the font colors I chose compliment the background nicely. Feel free to leave me comments in the guestbook or for this post and let me know how you feel about the changes! :) Feedback is welcome!

Well that's it for now. Below are some pictures from dinner at Lonestar last night. Enjoy.


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