Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Candyland.......F' You!!!

Hey Y'all! I'm baaaack. :)

Stop crying...I know it's been a little while but I finally remembered. Not that I've been super busy, but I've been going out a lot more lately at night and that's when I usually do my blogging. The boyfriend and I have been doing a lot of stuff together.

Last night we went over to his friend Dax's house. (well I guess he is a friend of mine, too?) Or to Dax's parents house since that's where he's staying right now. But anyway, we went over there and played Wii. It was fun. Although half the time I ended up having to entertain his young kids while he and Dax played. :-(  But it was okay...well it was alright.

I felt sooooo stupid, b/c the kids wanted to play Candyland. (Dora the Explorer version of course) and can you believe, that I had forgotten how to play!!! I had to re read the directions!!!!!! Oh man, that was sad. LOL THEN to top it all off, they both beat me!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! A 5 year old and three year old.

Candyland can suck it!!!!!

So it snowed here the other night. It was really pretty and also was the first time I drove in the snow. Justin and I went to the movies to see My Bloody Valentine 3D. (3D is SOOOOO overrated) And when we came out of the movies around 9:30pm, it was already snowing! We got less than and inch but in Chapel Hill and Durham they got a shitload!

I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Roy today here in town. It was pretty much pointless. Except I did get the diabetic sugar meter that I needed to check my levels after sleep epsiodes. And for Free!!! Yay! But aside from that it was definately a waste of perfectly good insurance.

Sunday is the sleep study appointment in Chapel Hill. Justin is going to take me in my mom's car. (SURPRISE SURPRISE) We are hopefully going up there early enough to have dinner with some transplant pals of mine and then going to the hospital for the rest of the night. I'm looking forward to dinner but NOT the study. :-(  I guess Monday i will have another fun filled day of picking sticky shit out of my scalp and hair, for the 3rd Time!!!

Then hopefully, maybe, on Monday on the way home we might swing by Duke and hang out on campus. I want to show Justin the Chapel because he's never been. And we want to go to the gift store and cop some cool Duke stuff!

I am seriously feining to get a Nintendo Wii. And that is not good. Because I have $300 in my savings account just sitting there. I am trying to be a good little oxygen girl and save it for bills or something I really need it for. But I can't stop thinking about playing the Wii and how fun it is! Someone Help!!!!! :-(

Signing off...*Beep Beep Beep Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*

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G-Man's New Lungs said...

You would get bored with the Wii much quicker than you would say, a car.

Cant wait to see you Sunday! :)