Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy 6th month anniversary to me!

What's up my peoples.

Today marks my 6th month on the list. I was listed on July 29th, 2008 for a double lung transplant at UNC. I can't believe the time has passed so quick. It seems like just yesterday my Pulmonologist told me words that I had dreaded hearing for years. That she felt that I should be reevaluated for a transplant by the team. She contacted the transplant center and got the ball rolling from there. And from there, the ball never stopped rolling. In fact, it rolled down the hill so fast it crashed into the wall that is called "my life."

It's been a major adjustment in some ways and in others, not so major. Pulmonary Rehab became mandatory, which wasn't that big of a deal b/c I was already attending Pulm. Rehab at the local hospital here. But along with the Pulmonary Rehab came appointments with the transplant team every 3 months, mandadory tests needed to gauge my elligibility (some of which were very unpleasant - thank god I only need to take them once a year) and of course the transplant support group meetings. (which I had loathed during my first go-round on the list). Not to mention, I have to be available to be contacted 24 hours a day. So that means I now have a little pager that I have to carry around with me everywhere I go, along with my cell phone. But, I don't mind that, it just makes me look all official like :)

Anywho, starting all over with the support group was an unhappy chore at first. I remembered the way I hated going when I was a teenager and how uncomfortable I was being there with all those older people. I would sit there and stay silent the entire time and when I did speak, I would get so nervous I would turn red in the face and studder. There was absolutely no one else my age around for me to bond with or make friends with. And to top it all off, the man who ran the group was an utter douchebag. And that is me being nice. I could have called him much worse!

But, now is a completely different experience. I actually don't mind going to the meetings now. I don't feel different from anyone else b/c almost everyone there is around my age or older. And it's good to meet others who have gone through the process and are doing great. Also, I've made some good friends there that I look forward to seeing every other week. So, all in all, the support group meetings have been an informative and somewhat enjoyable experience.

So in review, it has offically been 6 months today that I've been listed. I feel relatively well, or as well as I can for now. My coordinator told me the other day through email (after I asked) that the team had had some offers of lungs for me so far, but they either weren't viable or were given to someone else who was sicker. What all this means I don't know. Could it mean that my time is going to come soon? Who knows? I'll contemplate this again in another 6 months. Unless, I already have my new blowers by then. :)

Moving along and speaking of support group, last night Justin and I took my Mom's car to Chapel Hill for a meeting. Before the meeting we met Vickie and her family at Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. Mmmmm. Boy was it tasty. But of course, we were running late, so we had to leave early. (before I was even finished eating, might I add) We ended up leaving the restuarunt at 6pm and not making it to the meeting until 6:20pm. Which meant that we were 20 minutes late.

I'm glad we went though, b/c I got to meet Dr. V. The newest transplant surgeon at UNC. He was super cool and nice. Seems to really know his shit, which, I find comforting, considering he may be the one with his hands poking around inside my chest cavity.

After he finished speaking he looked at me, in front of everyone and smiled and said, "Hopefully I'll see YOU soon."  I was like, "Yeah, hopefully sooner than later"   But, what I REALLY wanted to say was, "Yeah, No shit, buddy! Throw a bitch a freakin' bone, why don't cha!" :)


In a totally unrelated horrible event, Duke was cheated out of a win over Wake Forest last night. They came back from being down 11 points to tie the game, but unfortunately those filthy Wake fu**ers managed to score 2 points right at the buzzer! That's okay.....they will get what's coming to them. Just wait.

Okay I'm signing off. I'll be back soon, don't cry........I said don't cry dammit!

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