Thursday, January 15, 2009

Transplants transplants transplants!

Hey Y'all.

Once again it's that time to sit down and read the ramblings of the one they call the Queen of the Oxygen People. :) Nothing new is going on with me really. Except I'm feeling kinda poopy today. I'm not sure if it is because I had gone 2 days without my blood pressure pills (b/c I kept forgetting to pick them up) until today or if it is because I had to get up at the butt ass crack of dawn this morning to go to Salisbury. Or if it is because I may be getting sick. Or maybe it's a combination of all 3. Who knows? But the end result is that I don't feel all that great.

My throat feels as if it may be getting a little sore, although not quite there yet. And I'm tired as hell. But like I said, that may be from lack of sleep since I didn't fall asleep until after 2 this morning and then had to get up at 7am. And due to lack of my blood pressure pills, my head has been hurting all day and I just feel overall like BOO.

BUT despite all that, I still went and bought my friend Julie a gift for her birthday. While I was in the store, I also bought Justin a cute little trinket. It's a little pig called a "Good Luck Pig." It goes back to the old days in Germany, where people were considered rich if they had a pig b/c they could feed their whole family on one pig. So, people in Germany often say they, "Had a pig" (Except in German), meaning they were lucky! So you give someone the little piggy and it supposed to bring them good luck and help them become become successful! :) So when I saw the pig at the check out counter, I couldn't resist buying it for him b/c I knew he had been sorta down lately and I wanted to cheer him up and bring him some good luck!

I was very disappointed b/c Justin and I didn't get to go to Chapel Hill yesterday like we originally planned. B/c he woke up sick as a dog and it was a bad idea to go to the support group with everyone there. It would be too much of a risk that others would pick up his germs and get sick. Not to mention that I would pick up his germs as well from being that close to him. So we didn't go. :-(

But, I did call in to the meeting and participated via the conference phone. There was a speaker there from Carolina Donor Services. He talked about how to go about writing to your donor family after you receive the transplant. It was pretty insightful I guess. But a little boring. I took some notes, even though it was all pretty much common sense!

The real exciting part of the evening was the announcement that there had been 2 lung transplants in a week's time! There was one on Friday, the 9th and then another one on Tues the 13th. How exciting! Also, the girl that got her transplant on Friday was a girl I met at support group that I had emailed back and forth for a while! She and her family are super nice. Maybe she will be at the next support group meeting.

Until next time....Ciao!

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