Friday, December 19, 2008

Yeah so I couldn't think of a title - sue me!

Hey Y'all.

It's with a heavy heart that I write today. My good friend Christian Goodpaster passed away last night around 7:30 pm. He was in Duke hospital awaiting his 2nd double lung transplant. His breathing wasn't very good at all but he was still holding strong.

But yesterday, he took a turn for the worst and was placed into ICU and put on the vent. I prayed so hard last night that he would get the lungs, but I guess God had other plans for him. Apparently, while on the vent, he threw a clot in his lungs and they couldn't save him. It's my guess that his body was so tired of fighting it just gave in.

Although his body may have given up, I know his spirit will live on. He was such an inspiration to myself and others who are waiting for a lung transplant. After his transplant he really lived his life. He didn't waste one minute of the extra time he was given. And that's what I plan on doing as well, when I get my new lungs.

Even though Christian and I never got to meet in person, I still consider him a cherished friend. He was such a great person and friend. And he was always so positive, even to the end. I am praying for his family during their difficult time. I will miss him dearly, but I will take solace in the fact that he is now breathing easy in Heaven and I know that I will finally get to meet him one day.

RIP Christian

Christian - 3 months post-transplant (2004)

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