Tuesday, November 11, 2008

3:45 A.M. disappointment


Hey bitches!

I had a very interesting thing happen last night. It freaked the shit out of me and both disappointed me at the same time.

I was asleep in my bed last night like everyone else in the house at 3:30 in the morning. Then all of a sudden, "RING RING RING" the freakin' phone rang! I woke up like "Who the hell?" and then I immediately got this thought in my head. "oh my god, what if its THE CALL from the transplant team?" My heart started racing a mile a minute as I got up to answer the phone.

My mom and I both answered it around the same time. But no one was on the other end. It must have been a wrong number or something. The area code was 805. Curious to see where that area code is located, I looked it up online. It's a California area code.

Anyway, it took me a little while to calm down after that. But I thought for sure that it was "the call". And I remember thinking, "oh shit! I haven't even packed my bag yet!"   Nailbiting

It was very nerve wracking to say the least. But I also got excited and couldn't help but feel disappointed when I realized it wasn't the transplant team. Oh well.


coachbethea said...

that had to be one of the most nerve wrenching moments.can't imagine the dissapointment, but you shake it off and shake a leg and keep on keepin on

Anonymous said...

Oh man.

Booty call gone bad.