Monday, November 10, 2008

More ramblings..


What's up bitches.

This past weekend was pretty cool. I guess. Well Sat. was alright. My brother and Julie and I went to see Saw 5 at the movies. It was pretty good. The end was pretty gross. But overall pretty good I must say. Julie was freaked. It was funny :)

My knee is still giving me hell. I wish it would quit! Other than that everything is pretty much the same. I had to cancel rehab today b/c I had sleep episode and couldn't stay awake. I had to lay back down. Mom woke me up around 6:30 for dinner. Tacos YAY! She made some new cheesy Mexican rice shit, it was good.

It's getting a lot colder outside. Which sucks. And to make matters worse. I've gained more weight. I'm up to 111 lbs. WHEN WILL IT END!??? *sigh* I'm going to be a freakin' elephant by the time I get my transplant. they are going to have to use one of those huge weighing machines and hoist me up onto the surgical table. Pretty soon I'm going to need one those extra wide wheelchairs to go to the movies in and to the hospital in. I'll be doing my rehab in one of those fat clinics for obese people.

Changing the subject from my lard assness, I'm so excited! One of my best friends, Monica and her husband Mike are coming home to NC for Christmas. but they will be her only for a short time. So they are throwing a party so they can see everyone. I'm going to get a cute dress to wear. I can't wait to see them. IT's been forever!

I figure I'll just stay the night that night somewhere in Chapel Hill or perhaps in Cary with Ann and her husband. (Depending on who I bring with me) Ann and I have made plans to go out to eat dinner that day before the party! Yay! And then on Sunday before I go home, I've made plans to meet up with Tiffany C! Yay! :)

Well I'm off like Brittany's panties!

P.S. Here's a funny picture. Enjoy.


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