Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update - Rejection, no rejection, rejection? YES rejection. Poop.

Hidey Ho, My little bitches.

I kiiid, I kiiiid. You know I say bitches in the most appreciative loving way. :) I love my bitches! Shit, I'm a bitch! We're all bitches! Let's just be one big happy community of bitches and bitchiness! WOo hoo! Clasp hands and let's dance around in a circle and make a theme song for our Bitch Community. Let me know if you think of some lyrics, I'll write them down. :) lol

Anywho's....So, I went to Chapel Thrill on Monday morning to get my pft's re-tested. As Noted before in my last post, If they had gone back up they maybe would have refrained from treating me with steroids for rejection and just went with the idea that it was a false positive rejection result do to the virus I've had. Well, unfortunately (and just my luck as usual) My FEV1 had NOT gone up ,it had actually like every asshole I've had in my life , did a completely reverse asshole move and dropped dramatically. So it was only 39% on Monday. Greaaaaaaaaaaat. Fuck me.

So, instead of being slapped on my ass and sent on my merry little way, I was slapped into the chair in the infusion room at the clinic and given a painful IV. (But, I give her credit, she did get it on the first stick!!) Then I was giving my first dose of IV Solumedrol. Mmmm. Yumm. Panic/spastic/pyschotic attack city. While that was running, they contacted the home health ppl. and had them call me. After my IV was done, about 30 minutes later, my home health care package (with my 2 IV doses, flushes, and such) arrived and my brother and I promptly took the box and all the crap I'd brought with me and accumulated throughout the day at the hospital, and got the hell out of there.

Now, here it is Thurs. evening. I finished my last dose of IV  SOlumedrol yesterday and the nurse pulled the IV. YES! And today I started my rejection treatment prednisone taper. (Starting at 60 mgs a day for 3 days - holy shit) So, my tummy has been hurting today but luckily that means that the Prednisone Monster hasn't attacked me yet and I'm not shoving food down my throat at 75 mph.....YET. I'm going to try and do better this time around. I promise. *fingers crossed* Other than that I'm actually feeling a little better..feel like I have a little more energy already and ready to stop napping so much.

I'm sitting at Lori's hanging out in her bed and typing away and relaxing, while she is cleaning her house. Technically I'm supposed to be keeping Keegan (her 4 year old) company and out of her way, but he's a firecracker. He's hard to control. :) But, he's done well so far. But now I'm alone and he's in there. He couldnt stay away from mommy and daddy for too long! Rob, her man is cooking up a big dinner and it smells fuckin' awesome.

I am going out to one of my favorite Japanese restaurants on Saturday for an early Valentine's Day dinner with Chris. Can't wait! Then we are driving back into town and staying the evening at Lori's house so he won't have to drive all the way back to Lincolnton. Sounds like a good Valentine's Day! Can't remember the last time I had a good Valentine's Day. I think it might have been the last one before I got sick. Which was actually the weekend I got sick in 93. Which ironically, my ex fiance Justin was my boyfriend. ANYWAYS -

I'm going to go I think dinner is almost ready. And then Wii later. I'll Hollllllllaaaaa!


Christy said...

Wait, are you in Lincolnton? I'm confused. I'm not far. Anyway, I'm meeting Tiffany on the 18th at 12 (might move it up to 11:30) at Duke south's lovely cafeteria before my tx appt. I'd love it if you could meet us if you are up to it.

AND if you are in Lincolnton.. when are you leaving? I have a little wine in me, so I couldn't get whether you were there now or going, or not going. LOL. Love you!

Meghann "Former Queen of the O2 People" said...

Hey christy! :) No, I'm not in Lincolnton. The guy I've been seeing lives there. Hehehe :)

I'll be in Chapel Hill on the 18th for an appointment with the stomach surgeons, just a recheck up. I can't remember what time it is at, 10:30 I think? My brother will be with me probably, taking me. So I'm not sure If' i'll be able to make it to Duke to have lunch with you and Tiff, but I'll let you know! Good luck at at your tx appointment!

love ya!