Friday, February 5, 2010

I hate Winter.


Okay. what the hell. So I was scheduled to go down to chapel thrill today, right. To get repeat PFT's and such. Well, thanks to the fuckin' weather, I couldn't go. So I rescheduled my pft's for Monday morning. But, I couldn't get in touch with my coordinator to ask him if that was okay, or if there was anything he wanted me to do until then, etc. Great.  So. I still haven no idea if i have rejection or not. My chest is still tight. And I'm still coughing some stuff up. Great. Just great. Now i have to wait 3 more fuckin' days. It better not snow me out on Monday. I'll be there come hell or high water!

I had a great time with the girls on Wed. night. I took a few pics but I haven't downloaded them yet. I will probably put them on facebook for the world to see. Ha.Ha. Yay Don' Juans!

I'm supposed to go to Emily's birthday party tomorrow evening, granted the weather behaves and the roads are good enough to ride to winston on. Chris is supposed to go with me. Yay.

Okay I'm going to go try and email my coordinator. Have a wonderful weekend!!! Peace and chicken grease!

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