Friday, February 26, 2010

Loving life today. Back to the land of the living!

What's up my babiesss...!

Hope everyone has had a good week and that y'all are gearing up for a great weekend. I know I am. I'm slowly getting back to myself after the horribly hell ridden last week I've had. I'm back!!! Which means I'm back at P.T. after almost 2 weeks and to back to leaving the house whenever I possibly can. Gone is the puking, the sharting, the emotional rollercoaster of everyone bitching at me and not giving a shit that I felt like warmed over ass on a soggy hamburger bun for over a week. I'm even going to attempt to drive myself to Winston-Salem tomorrow evening! My back is still hurting, but it will be worth it to get away again. I'll be staying the night at Emily's again tomorrow. We're going out to dinner with our old friend Jay and probably going out for a while afterwards too. It's so good to be able to just go out and not worry about breathing or oxygen tanks or anything else that held me back pre-transplant. Life is such a blessing!

Also, I sold my engagement ring today to the pawn shop. Of course I didn't get much for it, b/c it's platinum and most places only want gold these days and the diamonds aren't a solitaire, but I was tired of having it around and I can use the extra money for bills. It feels good to be free of it. Also, Jeffrey told me that the police chief at his PD told him they were going to call me soon about doing some volunteer work at the station. Yay! Something to do to occupy my time. Especially while I search for work. I'm still hoping I will get a call from the Sherrif's department about the dispatcher position. *fingers crossed tightly*

On a high note, I *THINK* I might have lost a couple lbs! YAY! My stomach doesn't look to be protruding outward as much as it has been. I've been watching what I eat and the amounts I eat lately, plus I've been pissing like a pregnant racehorse. So, I'm hoping that part of it is fluid/water weight from all the prednisone I've been on lately with the rejection and therefore my face and neck deflate soon.

On a more serious note: Please keep your thoughts and prayers with my friend Christy (Hubbard-Hamilton). She's incarcerated right now in Duke hospital getting treated for chronic rejection. She's doing okay but had a reaction to the first treatment she got today. I know she is in great hands though and they will figure out the best treatment for her and will have her back on her feet in no time!

Also - last but definitely not least - my dear little friend Garran. He and his family are my 2nd family. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow while he undergoes a bronchoscopy (complete with biopsies this time) to check for rejection. He's not been feeling so well lately, plagued all week with unexplained fevers and such. So let's send good positive vibes Garran and Christy's way! They are both under the care of the best transplant teams in the world!

Okay - I'm going to end this post here, b/c I have a date with my DVR before I fall asleep tonight. I love dates with my DVR. No expectations and I don't even have to shave my legs. :) PURE AWESOMENESS!

Have a RI-DONK-ULOUSLY amazing weekend!

P.S. GO DUKE! yet ANOTHER win! March Madness here I come!

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