Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday Night Out - Downtown at 6th and Vine

Hey my bitches!

Hope everyone had a good friday night and the weekend is going well. I had a great night last night!!! But my body is sooo tired. (mostly my legs and feet though) Yesterday, except for going out to P.T. and to the library (Yes, you judgemental whores - I read occassionally and decided to pick it up again for a while), I spent most of the day finishing up my packing to come up here to Winston-Salem and getting ready for the evening.

My co-ordinator was supposed to call in another order for Cellcept (diff. mg dose) to my pharmacy and the plan was to pick it up on my way out of Lexington, so I would have it to start taking again last night with my 9:30 pm pills. Well, I get ready and was running a little late, so I hurried to CVS to pick up my meds. They had 2 of them that I needed, but *Gasp* No cellcept. I guess Ken got busy and forgot to call in the prescription. That's okay Ken - Becky to the rescue! So, I immediately called paged Becky and she called me back. She supposedly called it into the pharmacy, so I havent checked yet but I hope it's there. I'm going to stop on my way home b/c I really should have taken it this morning.

So, anyway, after that minor setback, I drove on to Winston-Salem (YES ALONE after 6pm - first trip driving out of town (usually I'm the passenger when traveling out of town) since my transplant. I made it! YES! I am so proud of myself. I was a little nervous at first but was able to hold it together. YAY!! So, I met Emily and we parked my car. Jay and Gray were running a bit late so we stayed in the heat of the car for a few minutes before making our 1-2 block trek to 6th and Vine. GOD I LOVE BREATHING. I was so happy to just be walking downtown going out and being normal with my oldest buddy ever, that I wasn't even dwelling on the fact that my feet and ankles were getting tired after doing P.T. earlier as well. Fuck it! I was alive and enjoying it!

Anyway- we got to 6th and Vine and went in. 45 min wait. Fuck it who cares. Let's get this evening started. OOPS. Super crowded- no where to sit. That blows. But I was still high from life and ready to live it up. So Jay (our old friend) and Gray (Emily's brother) showed up and the night began. We had to stand around for over an hour until we finally got seated - which definitely took a toll on me from the waist down. I"m sure I annoyed hte hell out of them by complaining a lot but overall, It wasn't the end of the world and it definitely wasn't the first time I'd suffered in that way. :) So finally - two seats opened up at the bar and Emily and I sat down. We had to wait like another 30 minutes before we got our table though, but it was okay b/c I was finally sitting and resting my legs!

To sum it all up, we finally got a table. The food was fabulous. Champagne good. Service outstanding. Just really liked the whole enviroment of the place and would definitely love to go back again soon! I had a great night and I think everyone else did too. It was awesome to spend time with Emily again, since we haven't gotten to spend a lot of time together since we lived in Greensboro - and especially with me being healthy, sans o2 tanks! And to see Gray and Jay was super awesome too. We got there about 6:45 and left to go back to Emily's around 12:30 or so.

But- of course because i'm ME and live MY life - something had to go wrong in the end. As I was following Emily back to her apartment, Mom's car started acting up again like the dumbass it is. Well techinically I blame the step dad since he never took it to a real mechanic to have it checked last time this happened about a month ago on the way back from Chapel thrill. So it started jerking so I had to pull off the road and cut it off. Emily came back around and met me in the parking lot where I stopped. I started the car and tried again and we took the back roads, so I was able to make it to her apartment without the car fuckin' up anymore but I didn't go over 40 mph. So - it ended well but I should have known that the night wouldn't be perfect! :)

So now I'm about to call home and make plans about what to do about driving home, etc. Sorry for such a long post - I'll holler at y'all later. Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!!! TOODLES, bitches!

P.S. I'll add pics from last night later when I get home!

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