Thursday, November 19, 2009

Long Time No Speak

Hey Y'all.

I hope everyone is happy and feeling well. I know it's been wayyyy too long since I blogged. I didn't really have any exciting news to tell. But I will at least tell you a little bit.

I'm HOME for GOOD! But I won't lie. I miss Chapel Hill. I've started PT again, here in Lexington to continue, since I wasnt quite done. It's going good, it's good to be back with the friendly faces at PT. I missed them!

Before I came home for good, they surgically fixed my gut hole. THANK GOD. They did it laprascopically. So the hole is almost completely closed and it only leaks a tiny bit, nothing a band aid can't take care of. :) So it should be completely closed soon and I can start training for the tx games in July.

I had a bump in the road recently. After I got out of the hospital after my stomach surey, I went home for good. But, 3 days later I was coughing up nasty shit and feeling puny. So i called Ken, my coordinator, and told him. He wanted me to come up there the next day so the doctors could see me. So i did. I thought they would just give me some antibiotics and send me on my way. BUT no. They admitted me to give me IV antibiotics and fluids. They said I was real dehydrated. So i stayed in the hospital until Sat. (4 days) Then they sent me home with Levaquin.

So, its been a couple weeks, I take my last levaquin tomorrow. I'm still coughing up stuff thatdoesn't look normal. I havent had any temp or anything else. I go to clinic on Friday. I'm worried about what they are going to do. I pray that they dont put me in the hosptial for more IV's. And if they do, I pray it would just be a perifial IV instead of a Hickman.

THe Sweet Melissa gala is Dec. 3. I want to be well enoguh to attend. I want this coughing over and done with for GOOD. I'm tired of it. Ive never stopped coughing from the beginning of my transplant. They need to figure it out and fix it!

Exciting NEWS: I went to Atlanta with my aunt to visit family. It was my first trip since my transplant. It was so good to get away. We went to the aquarium it was awesome. And we went to the Coke factory. It was alright. The little ones liked it. Next time i go, I WILL go to the CNN building and see Nancy Grace!!!!!!!! I'll bust in if I have to!!! HEHE

Well I'm signing off for tonight. As Nancy says.....

"Until next time, Goodnight Friend." lol

P.S. Luke and I broke up.

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Katey said...

Glad you updated! Sorry about your last few setbacks..i know stomach surgery is no fun (from experience). Praying the coughing slows up and your appointment tomorrow goes well. That is very weird that you have been coughing so much since the transplant....the transplant is supposed to help you not cough. Hopefully they will figure that out!! Good luck with training for the tx games!!! keep us updated!