Sunday, November 29, 2009

Diary of a Hospitalized White Woman : 11/29/09

Well here I am folks. It's my 3rd day of incarceration here at my loyal UNC Hospitals. I was admitted on Friday b/c they found mild rejection in my lungs from the results of the bronchoscopy I had on Wed. SO they tossed my ass in here with a quickness, hooked me up to the IV pump and I have officially finished my last dose of steroids! YAY. Which means I will be going home tomorrow. YIPPEE.

But, hopefully, if Vicki is able to drive me back home, we can stop in winston and do some shopping. We both need to find something to wear for the sweet Melissa gala on Thurs. I'm so pysched. I hope I feel well enough to attend. I've been looking forward to since I was put back on the list in 08.

Maybe there will be a cute guy there I can flirt with. Perhaps even a doctor or a fellow translant patient? Hmmm? :)

That's all for now. Ill write more later.
Don't cry, damn. Man up! or should it be Woman Up!

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