Monday, August 10, 2009

Go lungs go.

Hidey Ho, stalkers. :) (jk)

I hope everyone has had a good week and weekend. My week was decent. I just did the usual routine that I'm pretty much getting used to by now. Rehab on Mon, Wed and Friday, along with tx clinic on Friday as well. Rehab went okay this week. I had a couple minor issues that were Non-rehab related that kept me from doing as much as I could on a couple of the days, but nothing serious. I intend to make up for it this week. Tomorrow morning can't come soon enough. (Pysche Pysche, your momma ride's a motor bike.) lol For Seeeeerial though, I do want to kick ass in rehab from now on b/c I have a lot of travel plans to make for the not so distant future and I intend to be in shape so I can take the most advantage of my trips.

Where do I plan on traveling to, you ask? Lots of places. KY to see Luke, MD to see Monica and Mike (where we'll also go to DC since they live so close). Also, I intend on going to Wilmington one weekend in October I think it is, to attend a party with Emily and her brothers. And of course I will take a trip down to Myrtle Beach to see my Dad's side of the fam. I'd also like to save up some money and go on a cruise. But who knows if that will happen. lol I've been spending enough money as it is.

Clinic on Friday went well. I went up 5% on my FEV1. (Forced Expitory Volume over 1 second - part of the Pulmonary Function Tests,for you non-lung disease folks.) The blood work was good, except they said my liver stuff was elevated a little bit. But they said it could be from the Bactrim they started me on as a profalactic. So the Dr. just told me to quit taking it and they would recheck it next time. He said my x-ray looked the same, if not a little better. So that is good. My blood pressure was pretty high though. But, I think that was mostly b/c my mom and I weren't having a "good" day together, so I had already been arguing and stressed when I went into clinic. So, all in all, they said I was doing great, so that was a relief.

The one bad thing that they told me was NOT to sleep with a fan on. WHAT? Are they insane? I don't think that I can go the rest of my life without feeling that relaxing sound in my ears and comfortable breeze against my face while I sleep. They just don't understand. I will have to revisit this topic with them on Friday and see if I can make them see it my way. Wish me luck. lol 

This weekend has been pretty laid back. Friday I don't think I did anything but rest after rehab and clinic. Then on Saturday, family and Nate and Susie came into town for Bo's belated birthday dinner. We went to Carborro to Tyler's Tap Room. Good food, HORRIBLE SERVICE. DON'T EVER GO THERE. My cousin said he and his wife have been to the one in Durham several times and it is great. So MAYBE i'll try there one day. BUT NEVER will I step foot in the one in Carborro again. It took them and Hour and half to seat us. And we got there at 7pm. Then it took them another hour to bring our food. And they didn't even take my appetizer order. they completely skipped me. So, I had to order my appetizer with my dinner. PLUS, they completely neglected to bring my cousin Matt's food at all. He finally got his food when we all were finished eating and they were taking our plates and bringing Bo's cake out. And speaking of the cake...we brought our own. Which they promptly informed us was against the health code and that they would be charging us $1 per person to eat our own cake. RE-FRICKEN-DICULOUS!!!!! We were about to leave, but everyone had come from out of town and was already there, so we decided to stay. I offered to pay the $11 extra dollars for the cake fee. I'm so sweet. :)  But luckily, I didn't have to pay it b/c they waived the fee since we they gave us such shitty service and we had to wait so long to feed our face holes. My cousin Matt really let the manager have it when we were finished. It was AWESOME. Muahahahahaha. Take that, Tyler's Tap room!

Plus it was hot as hell in there. I was sweating like a whore in church and I had let my cousin borrow my only hair twisty. But that's okay. I love my cousin even though she pinches and it hurts like hell. And my gut hole sprung a leak before dinner and I had to go to the bathroom and fix that disaster. But besides all the negative, we enjoyed seeing everyone and Bo had a good time. Maybe a little too much of a good time, since he promptly passed out when we got back to the house in Chapel Hill. :) Happy Birthday Bortle!

Today, Mom and I went shopping at Stein Mart. It was the first time I'd ever been to a Stein Mart, b/c we don't have one in our town. It was pretty cool. I spent $85 of my birthday money on a new bag, some socks, a pair of panties, some Burt's Beez lip stuff, and a couple pairs of earrings. I also discovered that they had Kathy Von Zeeland bags. It took every ounce of my lung transplanted ass not to buy one..or two. But at least I know where to go to find them for cheaper. But, the new junk I bought wasn't the good part of the day. The good part was that it was the first time I went really shopping in 17 years without o2 or without being in a wheelchair or having to sit down every 5 minutes and rest. And we were there for like close to 2 hours. YAY ME! But, I was super tired and sore when we were done. So we stopped and ate some dinner and then came back to the house.

I'm beat. I got rehab tomorrow morning at 11. And of course have to start my treck up the Pill-alayas at 9:00 am. So...I will bid you good night. Have a good week.

Peace and chicken grease.


Megan said...

Peace and chicken grease

Ahh, I love your closing one-liners :D Xx

Meghann "Former Queen of the O2 People" said...

Thanks girl! lol

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Thanks girl! lol