Wednesday, August 5, 2009

G-tubes are evil and can go to Hell!

Hey Y'all.

I'm beat. Although today wasn't all that productive. I had rehab today of course. (It is Wed. isn't it) But, Mom and I gaged the time wrong and ended up getting there 10 min late. My appt. was at 1pm. We stopped to get lunch at Quizno's and Mom had to run in and get the food, then rush to P.T. Rich (the p.t.) was nice enough to let me eat and take my pills before I started working out. By the time I started it was like 1:30. I got on the treadmill and then 12 min. into it..the hole in my tummy from where they had the g-tube, sprung a leak from under the bandage. (sorry for graphic description, but hey, that's my life) So, I had to stop and change the bandage. By the time that was all done...It was time for my appt. to be over. He told me I was done for the day.

So, I took the walk of shame out of rehab with my head hanging low, after only accomplishing 12 min. worth of exercise. Thank goodness no one else was in there working out at the time. That would have been even more embarrassing!

Tonight, my friend that I hadn't seen in years, Stephenie went out to eat dinner at Bailey's. The food was good. Mmmm teriyaki chicken. It was good to catch up with her. It was just like old times. We are supposed to go shopping tomorrow after she gets off work. She's in Durham for a month for work. Yay. We both need to get birthday presents for our brothers.

On another note...the lone part of my incision scab is seesawing right on the edge of coming off. YAY. Then I will start putting some Vitamen E on the scar and hopefully manipulating it into becoming less and less noticible as time goes by. :) *fingers crossed* Not that it bothers me that bad. It really isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Dr. Haithcock did an amazing job. Thanks again Dr. Haithcock! Hopefully my g-tube wound will be all healed up and I can go swimming before the summer is over.

How else am I going to start my early training for the Tx Games next summer? :) Watch out all you games participants, THIS  fish will be back in the water soon. Your medals will be MINE! Muahahahahahahahha! *cocky evil grin*  Enjoy the pic below. It's an REAL oldie but a goody!

Luke is supposed to call me back, so I'm gonna get ready for bed while I'm waiting patiently. I'm off like my prom dress never came! (LOL)

Me circa 1980'something!


Bree said...

Watch the fuck out - b/c i will be training for those games too, hopefully!

Sorry your gut sprung a leak, but glad the mama came along and staunched it with a wad of gauze.

Don't worry about the treadmill: it's evil.

Meghann "Former Queen of the O2 People" said...

LOL your comment made my day Bree. hehehehehe.

Train hard, bitch. B/c I'm bringing it and coming full force for your ass! :)

Megan said...

Oh hell, a leaky G - tube hole? Mine never did that (I got mine out in Jan) but I was forever convinced that it would. Although I had some sort of arterial spray image in my mind, which is frankly, a little messed up.

But I look like I have two belly buttons now. Whey hey! Xx

P.s. I stand by what Bree said. Treadmills are the spawn of the devil.

Matt Todd said...

I agree, G-tubes are evil. The stitches on mine kept comming out, and sometimes rather painfully. So they finally put in one that does not require stitches, and that ones been better so far.