Saturday, April 4, 2009

Incarcerated - Hospital stay '09

Hey Y'all

I'm writing from the nurse's computer in my hospital room. So YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! I have the net!!! But, right when I thought God was smiling down on me and blessing me with internet access, I was bitchslapped in the face. B/c some bitch ass at the hospital decided to block Facebook!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It won't even let you open the site! So, me, being the sneaky sneakster that I am, thought perhaps I could hack into the browser or internet settings and fix it. But they even blocked access to the fuck'n settings!!!! Bastards! They are so cruel!

I have to quit talking about it or I'm going to

They've started me on IV tobi and levaqin. I get the tobi at 9 am, the levaquin at 10 am and then the Tobi again at 9pm. And of course I get to hit the albuterol pipe like 3 or 4 times a day, follwed by chest PT's. So far the blood work has come back and they said it all looks great. So that's good. Now they're waiting to read the results of the chest x-ray and the sputum culture. I hope they come back as okay too.

I've had to be hooked up to their bipap machine b/c I didn't bring mine. Smart move , I know. So the mask they have here is insane. I fought hard with it and eventually won the battle and was able to get some much needed sleep.

I have 2 really hot Dr.'s. One is German, straight off the boat and he has the most beautiful eyes. I want to marry him and have his little blue eyed german babies. The other one is really cute as well. I cant remember their names, but they are freakin hot.

So all in all, my spirits are still up and I'm feeling a bit better already. I'll post again later probably, seeing as how I'm bored and there is no facebook. :-(

'Til later.


Megan said...

Have you tried any cheat sites, where you can get onto things like facebook via it? We do it all the time at school as they think it'll stop us (and no, it doesn't :D)


(yes its 'https') very simple to use. If it doesn't work, send me an email an I'll send you more site names. Seriously, I know far too many as the devil that is the site blocker on school sometimes blocks some of the cheat sites themselves. Xx said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better already! Keep it up champ!

Are you even going to be watching the Final Four with your beloved DUKIES out?


Katey said...

Sorry about not being able to get on facebook. On my hospital unit (and I think the entire hospital), they have sites like Facebook and Myspace blocked. We used to be able to get on "" and it allowed us to cheat and go through that website. But then all the nurses started doing it, so that blocked that too...I sucks. Now, if i want to get on facebook, I log on through the phone line on my laptop. I can get on any of those type of sites that way.

I hope you start feeling LOTS better!

Meghann "Queen of the O2 People" said...

Thanks y'all. Hell no Ronnie, i'm not watching the UNC games. Fuck them lol

Thanks for the cheat site megan! :) I had no idea!