Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoppy Easter Weekend!

What’s up Bitches?

I hope everyone is having a happy Easter long weekend! My weekend has been pretty good. Well aside from having this IV in my arm still!

On Saturday my brother and I went to Carborro to my friend Tiffany’s Lungiversary party. It was to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of her 2nd double lung transplant! Even though I wasn’t feeling all that great physically, I wanted to attend anyway! I’d been looking forward to it. I gave her a pretty silver organ donation ribbon pendant that was covered with green cubic zirconias. I bought myself one too. :) She loved it, so that was good!

We had dinner at this neat restaurant called Southern Rail or Railway, can’t remember exactly. The tables were in train cars. The food was pretty good, especially the nachos! Then after dinner we went next door to a bar called the Station. It was awesome b/c it was was smoke free! YAY!!! My friend Victoria (Garran’s mom) met everyone at the bar, so it was good to see her again.

We stayed until around 10 pm then left to go home. I was getting tired and needed to do my IV antibiotic. I hooked up to the IV in the car. It only takes about 30-45 for the medicine to finish.

Sunday morning, I went to church with my Mom for Easter. She bought me a new dress to wear! So I felt pretty for once. :) Despite the IV. But then again, perhaps it was the perfect accessory! HEHE :) But, I had had a sleep episode, so I was so tired during church that I kept falling asleep and dropping my program. OOps! :)

We ate a really good lunch! I’m actually going to eat leftovers for dinner in a little while. It was very tasty.

Anyways, I’m off! Check out the pic below, from Tiffany’s Lungiversary party! I’m gone!


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