Thursday, March 26, 2009

Top 10: Ways to Know You're on the Lung Transplant List

Hidey Ho Bitches.

I'm bored. I'm sitting around being lazy, waiting on the Duke game to start tonight. I was going to go shopping today, but it was ugly and rainy outside so I decided against it. So, I will go tomorrow or Saturday instead. My recent jump into the world of the obese has found me without any shorts that fit for this spring/summer. Therefore, unless I want to wear elastic waisted gym shorts all summer, I must buy new ones. But, I supposed it could wait one more day, or two.

Alas, here is some thoughts to stimulate your brain. Enjoy. :)

Top 10 Ways to Know You're on the Lung Transplant List:

1. Your idea of a mustache is an oxygen nasal cannula.

2. You consider chest physical therapy a form of relaxing massage.

3. You plan your social life around the presence of stairs/steps.

4. You have gotten into arguments over the difference between treadmill vs. regular walking. And don't even get you started on the 6 minute walk!

5. You taught yourself to blow "O's" with your nebulizer pipe!

6. The words "list" and "team" or any phrasing there of, have taken on whole new connotations.

7. You enjoy throwing around medical abbreviations such as: O2, CO2, FEV1, FVC, PFT, and L.A.C. and watching people's heads explode.

8. You've affectionately named your portable O2 tanks as Lil' Larry and Short Sharon or Mini Meg and your pager as Mr. Beepers.

9. You daydream of punching "sympathetic" asthmatics in the eye and screaming, "YOU HAVE NO IDEA!" (no offense)

10. Two Words: Handicapped Parking.


Christy said...

Those are great.. and SO true! said...

Good luck today! Should be a great game!