Saturday, November 29, 2008

Introducing the Transplant Fairy


Greetings and Salutations y'all!

Today I have officially been on the waiting list for 4 months. *applause* Yippe- freakin'- skippy! It's also my friend Bree's 7 month mark for being on the list. So at least I know I'm not alone in this long ass journey.

I finally drew the long awaited picture of the Transplant Fairy. Ready to see it? *Drumroll* Now - Introducing the Transplant Fairy .........................

So what do you think? I need to get a flesh colored marker so I can give her some skin instead of just plain white. But, oh well. It works for now. :) I also put her as my profile pic on Facebook.

I drew her earlier this week over at Justin's house when I went over there to hang out. I took my stuff and we sat in the living room and drew for about 3 hours. He drew one too. His was better than mine. The boy has talent and didn't even know it! :)

Yesterday morning, My mother and I went shopping for Christmas. I got some cool stuff. I got three new purses, but I bought one of them myself. But she bought me an awesome Nine West one for Christmas and another one that is a clutch. Plus some other stuff, including boots and a mp3 player. So I should be set. I still need some new jeans b/c I've basically out grown all my pairs almost. I guess we'll go to Express next weekend or something and get me some jeans.

Life is still stressful over here in my neck of the woods. Tomorrow Julie is picking me up and I'm going over to her house for a while to just hang out and de-stress as she works on some craft projects and watches football. Should be fun!

Well, I'm off like a prom dress.

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Marjolein said...

Loving your transplant fairy!
Good job!