Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week from HELL

What's up my bitches??

Part I:

Hope everyone had a good week and is having a good weekend so far. My week has been one hellacious nightmare. Definitely one for the record books. It all started Tues. morning. I woke up and took my pills around the usual 9:30-10:00 ish time spot. I swallowed them all down (Including the 50 mg of Prednisone for rejection ugh) and then within 5 minutes, promptly projectile vomited all over the floor b/c I couldn't make it to the bathroom in time. And to make it worse, as I was vomiting, my lower back popped painfully. I felt it and heard it. GREAT. Just fuckin' great! I proceeded to puke two more times within that same hour. THEN - about an hour later, the shits set in. I WAS IN UTTER HELL. I called my coordinater and he informed me about a horrible virus that was going around. GREAT-just my luck. I was told to drink lots of clear fluids and call back if got temp. I spent the rest of the whole day feeling nauseous (although I didn't puke but only one more time) and glued to the toilet by my asshole. Then night time set in. I spent the whole night, TRYING to sleep but felt so sick that I couldn't even do that. Not to mention the fact that my ass was still glued to the toilet every hour on the hour. And all I had been able to eat and keep on my stomach the whole day had been a small cup of apple sauce.

After struggling to sleep all night, I finally was able to pull myself out of my bed - nausea, back pain, diaraherra and all - and make it to the den to check my temp. My body was aching all over and I was freezing. YUP - I was right. 100.8. Fuckin' wonderful. I felt even worse than the day before and now I had temp. to go along with it. Paged the coordinator on call and ended up making an appointment to go to clinic that morning to be checked. They felt it was possible that it could be CMV so they wanted to check. By the time we left for Chapel Hill, I felt so shitty that I could barely walk out to the car and was swaddled up in blankets in the passenger seat like a little Eskimo child, whimpering everytime I moved from the back pain. Once at the hospital - I had to use a wheelchair b/c there was no way I could walk around the hospital feeling so utterly shitty.

Once in clinic, (after stopping in Registration and getting blood drawn OF COURSE) I was put in the infusion room where I was IV'd (Yes I've verbbed it lol) and given fluids ASAP for dehydration. More tests were done and I was giving Finnergin (sp??) for the nausea. I hadn't had Finnergin in YEARS. And forgot how fuckin' strong a drug it was. I struggled against it but my eyes kept crossing and in the end gave in and promptly fell asleep in my reclining chair. Then I was woken up to go downstairs to get a chest x ray done. OMG. Woken up from a Finnergin coma to be forced to actually leave my chair and ride downstairs and be x-rayed. I don't recommend it. I thought I was going to die. But, finally I was back upstairs in clinic, in the infusion room, in my chair where I belonged to finish the last half of my fluids. I promptly fell back into my Finnergin coma.

Not sure how long after that, but I was awoken. Was told I could go home and they would let me know the test results tomorrow about the CMV. I still felt like utter shit, but was feeling a tiny bit better from the fluids. And I definitely didn't want to stay over night in the hospital. Mom and I got my shit together and we bounced. Oh and good news. I was told I actually CAN take the Tramadol for my back pain. YAY! By the time we got on the road I was hungry so we stopped at the store and I got some cheesy poofs and some peanut butter crackers and a Sprite.
Part II:

We finally arrived back at home around 5:30pm. I was still feeling shitty of course, but at least I had some fluids in me. My back was still killing me. My brother went to pick up my prescriptions. Then - I couldn't find the Tramadol that I had from the week before. When I was told I couldn't take it, I had thrown it down in my room (Still in the cvs bag). We searched everywhere for it and it was no where to be found. I wanted to die. My back hurt everytime I moved. I laid down in my room and fell asleep quickly from lack of sleep the night before. But - b/c of my no sleep the night before, I had sleep episode after sleep episode the rest of the afternoon. Woke up miserable. To make a long story short - I slept that night but had crazy dreams all night long from the sleep episodes that just wouldn't stop.

Thurs was an emotional rollercoaster. I still felt shitty - and still shitting every hour. But my back was the main problem. I was in so much pain. I had to have something. So, I paged the coordinator on call (Becky) and was able to get another prescription for the Tramadol since I couldn't find the one I had. Although this medicine doesn't take all the pain away, it knocks the edge off enough to be tolerable. even though it still hurts when I get up and move around and use the muscles. But, it doesn't make me high like Percocet. So, that's a plus. While on the phone with Becky, I was told the tests for CMV were negative. YAY!! So, that was a relief. I guess it's just the horrible stomach virus that has been going around! Anyway, aside from the physical sickness/pain, everyone at my house was being mean to me and acting like I was overreacting to feeling sick and in horrible pain. They were yelling at me constantly and I had two breakdowns and ended up calling Emily and begging her to let me come stay the weekend at her apt. in Winston Salem to get away from my house/family. What a great friend! I am in Winston Salem for the weekend. I arrived about 8:00 pm last night. (Thanks again Nate for the ride, you're such a great friend!) I'm feeling so much better emotionally and better each day physically, although still a bit nauseous and weak. But, getting there. Chris is coming up to hang out and should be here in a bit. It will give me someone to hang out with while Emily is busy with her school work on campus.

I'm signing off for now. Sorry about the long, ranting post. But, it had to be done. :) Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

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