Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bagels and cream cheese anyone?

Hey everyone!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far. My weekend is going splendidly if I do say so myself. Last night I went out to eat a fabulous dinner at Mama Dips with my friend Ann and her husband Alex. It was so tasty. But I HAVE to stop going out to eat before I go broke. But it's just so fun to enjoy being able to go out and not getting tired or out of breath and to just enjoy myself or have to worry about running out of O2. :)

Then today my Mom went home for the weekend and my brother drove up here to hang out and stay over with me so I wouldn't be alone. We ordered pizza for lunch from Alfredo's and it was super tasty. I love their pizza. So good. Then we just hung out, he watched some football while I facebooked and chatted. lol Around dinner time we went out and rented a couple movies, so I'm writing this while we're watching The Last House on the Left. Boy this movie is more disturbing than the first version! I also rented Hounddog with Dakota Fanning. Bree told me that it was also pretty disturbing. Great.

Clinic went pretty well yesterday. They still are waiting to put me back on a profalactic antibiotic. Which makes me a little nervous but, I trust their expertise. They said my x ray looked fine, a lil better. Which is good. But, they discovered a pollup in my nose, which they said COULD be what's causing all of my coughing and the blood streaks in the sputum those times. Or it could be something else. or it could just be nothing to worry about. B/c I haven't had any temperature or shortness of breath or anythign else. But, just to be on the safe side, they've moved my 3 month bronch. up from the 17th of Sept. to this coming Thursday. I'm a little nervous about it. But, I'm being positive. :)

Tomorrow night Bo (my brother) is going to be back at home since he has to work in the morning. And Mom is staying home again and coming back up here Mon. morning in time to take me to P.T. So, I'll be staying alone tomorrow night. My FIRST night alone post transplant, all by myself. With no Dr.'s or nurses or Mom around. I'm a bit nervous but more excited than anything! Wish me luck!!!!

GUESS WHAT! I believe I've discovered what I inherited from my Donor!!! BAGELS! She must have loved bagels. B/c ever since my transplant I have craved them non stop. And before transplant i hardly EVER ate them. Not that I didn't like them at all, It's just i rarely ate them. And when I say rarely - i mean like once ever 6 months to a year, I'd eat a bagel. Now I can't get enough of their goodness! I clump on cream cheese and spread it allllllllll over and then practically inhale them. I eat them with breakfast at least 4 or 5 days out of a week. And still crave them during the day (but don't eat them during the day). Well occassionally I will if i didn't eat them at breakfast that day. :) Its so odd! But definitely cool to have such a connection with my Donor.

Well I'm going go watch Hounddog now. I'll blog at y'all later! Here's a pic of my Pomeranian Prince, Neeko, to make you smile! He always makes me smile!

Neeko loves corn on the cob!


Amy said...

Interesting!!! I think I find the most amazing part of TX is what you inherit from your donor. It's so amazing and crazy! Not only does that person's organ live on, their "soul" in a sense does too.

Hope the bronch goes well!!!!!


Kim said...

That's so cool!!! :-)