Friday, May 15, 2009

As the O2 Tank Turns.....

What's up Y'all. *sigh*

I'm finally home from "The Thrill" (Chapel Hill - transplant clinic) and I am so freakin' tired!!!!!! I had to get up at 7 A.M. so we could leave by 8:00 and I couldn't sleep very well all night. I kept tossing and turning. So, I was already tired when I started my day. It took me like 45 mins. to find something to wear. Okay - maybe I spent 15-20 of those mins. talking to Luke {my new man} but, hey - who's keeping tabs? I know I'm not! Anywho's, everything I put on had some reason why I couldn't wear it. Being either too warm or too short or too revealing (thanks Boob Fairy!) or too thin, making my bra too noticible. Getting dressed turned into a war in itself. Finally we left the house at 10 past 8:00.

Because we were running a little late, we were rushing to get there in time. Well, everything was going fine until Mom decided she wanted to waste a chunk of cash by getting a speeding ticket. I was like, "gahhhhh mom!" The cop was a total jackass. Mommy tried explaining that she was just trying to get me to the hospital (pan over to the poor helpless oxygen girl in the passenger seat). I even gave him my best "AHh! My lungs!!!" pained face but it STILL didn't affect him. He still wrote my Mom a speeding ticket. It was turning out to be such a wonderful start to the day!

As Mom steered me wrecklessly into transplant clinic via the World's Most Uncomfortable Wheelchair, I was immediately intercepted by Kristen. (transplant team Physical therapist) She informed me that she was taking me (by force if necessary) to do a 6 min. walk. I pouted but to no avail. She was out for blood and wouldn't take no for an answer.

After my 6 min. walk was completed, I finally was taken to a room where my vitals were taken. My blood pressure was high (140/90) but the nurse said it was probably because I just finished the 6 min. walk. I hope she's right! Damn these cold hearted lungs!!!!

Then............I stepped on the scales. When the numbers had finally ceased their flashing and I saw the end result....I went blind with rage. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! WHY ME!!!"   I had gained MORE weight!!! Now, instead of the 115 lbs from my previous weigh in, I was 117. I was so pissed off, I wanted to set fire to the scales. The only thing that probably stopped me was that I don't own a lighter and that I probably would have caught on fire myself.

After that depressing display of my lardassness, I was taken to my room to be stabbed in the arm and drained of my blood. At least it was only 3 vials worth this time, as opposed to the 10 or more they took the last time I was there. By this time it was like 1 pm or so. I hadn't eaten since I inhaled a honey bun in the car on the way up there this morning and I was hungry. After the blood letting, I was once again whisked away to the Torture Room, otherwise known as the PFT room. My FEV1 has gone up 1 point from 18 to 19. So, I guess that is good? Even though 19 isn't anything to write home to Momma about.

After I settled back into my room, I spent about 45 minutes talking to and texting Luke while waiting for the Dr. She eventually came in and everything went smoothly from there. Everything checked out okay and I don't need to get my oil changed again for another 3 months. :) Although, she did tell me that my white count was slightly elevated which could indicate the beginnings of an infection. So, she gave me a prescription for an oral antibiotic (Cipro) just to be cautious and went on her merry little way.

Before we left, we saw Becky, the other coordinator (My coordinator, Ken, wasn't there) and she shared some interesting information with me. What is this info you ask? Stay tuned and you will find out in the next episode of As the O2 Tank Turns!

..................................SIKE!!!!!!!! Just kidding! I had you fooled!! Admit it!!! You were pouting, weren't you!!? :)...................................

Becky told me that they are having 3 to 4 offers of lungs for ME per week now. Cool, huh? :) She said that felt like I would be getting my transplant soon. Which, on one hand is super exciting..but on the other hand, I don't want to get too excited or put too much stock in her prediction b/c they have told me that before months ago. Plus, I waited over 3 years the first time, before going off the list.  So, who knows! But it is definitely nice to know that I'm on the radar!

Also, I'm happy b/c she told me that I can go over to see Vickie's house and hang out, as long as I don't go when I'm feeling sick and that I don't get all in his face or hug up to him. :) YAY!!!!!!! I'm not banned anymore!!! WOO HOO!!! Mom and I were supposed to have lunch with Garran and Vickie today after clinic. Garran had clinic this morning also. But, we ended up not getting to do lunch. :-( But at least I got to see them at clinic in passing. G-man looked great and so full of energy. He even proudly showed me where he had his G-tube removed. YAY for Garran!!!

Okay, thats all I have to report about my clinic visit. I'm tired as hell so I'm going to stop here before I ramble on for another hour. I have more texting to do. :)

I'm off like a prom dress!!!!

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Sounds like your day was full of excitement!

LOVE the post title by the way!