Friday, March 20, 2009

NCAA Tourney - Only 3 wrong picks so far, not bad for a first timer!

Hey Bitches,

I hope everyone is doing well. I am doing pretty damn good. I'll tell you why. Last night I finished filling out my first ever NCAA tournament bracket. I took my time, looking at each time playing against each other, etc. So tonight, 16 teams played. I'm not sure if it was 16 games, or just 16 teams, meaning 8 games. Anyway...

Out of the 16...I only missed 3!!! :) I'm pretty proud of myself. I wonder how the rest of the tourney will go for me. :) Tonight Duke played and I ended up watching it at a friends house. And YES I wore my Duke hoody! :)

Anywho's...there's not much more going on around here lately. Mom is pretty sick with a bad case of Bronchitis. She sounds like she's trying to couch a lung up. :-( I'm a little worried about her, but she is on an antibiotic and she had a chest x-ray done either yesterday or today. She's just waiting to hear back from the doctor.

Well, if I think of anything else, I'll write it later. Toodles!

1 comment: said...

On Thursday there was 16 games folled by 16 games on Friday. Today there will be 8 games followed by 8 on Sunday.

Did you by chance notice who crushed Utah yesterday? GO CATS!