Monday, September 22, 2008

20 min. on Treadmill + Free weights = SNACKS!

Greetings my loyal followers. Wait a second, this is only the 2nd blog entry. Well, my FUTURE loyal followers. :)

I figured I would make a little post before i sign off the net for the night. The couch and tv are calling my name and my tired, sore body is ready to obey its Masters.

I've realized that a perfect bribery for me to attend and do well at Pulmonary Rehab is SNACKS. I love Snacks! Who doesn't?! I was able to gently talk my mother into taking me to the store after we left therapy and purchase me snacks galore!

Among the snacks i got were: White Cheddar popcorn, lemon cream cookies, doritos, pizza flavored cheese balls, pepsi's (Yes, plural) and others.

So in conclusion, My body is tired as hell, BUT at least I have something to snack on while watching T.V. tonight! :)

P.S. Props to Linda (physical therapist) for bragging to my Mom how awesome I did today at rehab!! WHOO HOO! I'll think of you as a pop a cheeseball in my mouth! :)